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Shauna Takes Your Surgery Personally

Shauna Sparks

Shauna Sparks loves being a surgical nurse. Working with the latest technology, she assists surgeons in life-saving cardiovascular surgeries. But it's not just the technical aspects

that she enjoys - it's the personal contact with patients, too.

"Surgery today is very high-tech and precise," she says. "It's amazing the procedures we can perform. People who come in for surgery are naturally nervous, though. So I put them at ease by telling them our marvelous surgeons, anesthesiologists and staff will provide the best possible care."

Rideout Memorial Hospital, Fremont Medical Center and the Feather River Surgery Center provide a broad range of surgical services, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained surgery teams. The three facilities perform over 8,000 inpatient and outpatient surgeries a year.

At one point, Shauna worked in a large urban hospital, but she prefers Rideout's close-knit environment. "Here we provide excellent technical care with a more personalized approach," she explains. "We often know our patients and their families. My mother and godmother were both nurses at Rideout, and they influenced me to work here. If anyone in my family had to go into the hospital, they would come here, so that's important to me.

"Plus," she adds, "whenever we finish an open-heart surgery and restart the patient's heart, I always get chills to see it beating again. Nothing's more rewarding than that."

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