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Pipi Brings Human Touch to High-Tech Imaging

Pipi Leonard

Pipi Leonard's career inspiration was her father, the late Dr. Louis Bugni, a local

orthopedic surgeon. "Dad took us with him on hospital rounds," she recalls. "As a teenager, I worked in his office. I'd also tag along when he was the team physician for high school sports."

Pipi enrolled at Yuba College to study radiology technology - a complement to her father's orthopedic practice. For the past 27 years, she has worked at Rideout, currently serving as a Special Procedure Technologist in Imaging Services.

Using the latest technology, Imaging Services provides a complete range of procedures from X-rays to CT, MRI, ultrasound, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine. Our state-ofthe-art 64-slice CT scanner can capture precise images of any area of the body in as little as ten seconds. Women's Imaging Services offers digital mammography, bone density studies and stereotactic breast biopsies. A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) allows computerized image storage and retrieval.

"Dad would have been so impressed with our technology today," Pipi says. "But in the midst of all the high-tech equipment, it's still important to provide the human touch, giving all you can. I was in a management role for several years, but I returned to patient care because I missed the direct contact with patients. Helping patients is what I enjoy the most."

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