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Kristy S.

Kristy Silveria

Before joining Fremont-Rideout two and a half years ago, Director of Employee Relations Kristy Silveria was working for Sears as Manager of Operations and Human Resources in Tracy. Her primary motive for changing jobs was to move "home" - she was born at Fremont Medical Center and most of her family still lives in the area. But she soon discovered another source of motivation.

"In the retail world, everyone seemed focused on the 'bottom line,' the financial success of the organization," she explains. "In the world of healthcare, everyone's job has something to do with helping people. I find it motivating to work in such a compassionate, caring environment."

An outgoing person with a "can-do" attitude, Kristy serves as a liaison between employees and management, working to resolve issues that arise in the workplace. "I work with various department leaders and employees to create programs that help improve employee morale," she says. "We also are creating 'best practices' for Employee Relations, incorporating ideas from other organizations that work well. We're making a lot of positive changes."

Kristy graduated from Yuba City High School and earned her bachelor's degree at Chico State University. She now is finishing up her master's degree in Human Resources Administration. Most of her spare time is consumed by working on her thesis, but she also enjoys traveling to locations such as Italy, Hawaii, Mexico, New York and the Caribbean. In addition, she is active in various efforts to raise funds to combat juvenile diabetes, inspired by her niece who has the disease.

"I enjoy helping people," she says. "I like feeling that I am an asset for people and that I can help them resolve difficult situations and make their work easier."