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Kim Wilson-Smith is part of the Nutrition Services Team

Kim Wilson-Smith

People sometimes joke about the quality of hospital food, but thanks to the efforts of Nutrition Services Supervisor Kim Wilson-Smith and the qualified staff of Nutrition Services, the patient food as well as the cafeteria food at Fremont Medical Center is excellent. As Kim notes, "You know the quality and selection of our meals are good because people from surrounding businesses come to Fremont for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. Plus, our prices are the best in town!"

Kim began at Rideout Health as a volunteer in one of the business offices at Rideout. In 1992, a position opened up in Nutrition Services at Fremont and she applied for it. That was the start of a 17-year career with Nutrition Services. Today Kim supervises the kitchen and cafeteria staff at Fremont, making sure the department is up to standards and that the needs of the patients, hospital staff and visitors are met with satisfaction.

She hasn't forgotten her roots, though. "As a supervisor, I try to listen and be fair to all employees. I've been on the other side of management, and I know how most employees feel," she explains. "I roll up my sleeves and pitch in to help with cooking, cleaning, stocking and so forth. I do what it takes to get the job done. I've always been a team player, and I'm part of a good team."

In addition to caring about the needs of her staff, Kim cares deeply about the needs of patients and their families. "I visit with patients to see how they feel about their meals and other services that Nutrition Services provide for them. Then as a team in Nutrition Services, we make any necessary changes in order to improve and accommodate their wishes and needs," she says. "In general, our patients like comfort foods that remind them of home. Our mission in Nutrition Services is to exceed our customer's expectations in courtesy, quality and service, because we care!"

Kim grew up in Gary, Indiana and moved to California in 1985. Kim is married to SMSgt William A. Smith, who is stationed at Beale Air Force Base and has four children. Kim's favorite pastime is collecting dolls, especially celebrity Barbie dolls.

Does she ever miss Indiana? "I definitely don't miss the winters and all the snow," she replies. "Plus, I look forward to being a part of the team here at Rideout Health for many years to come."