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Irene Takes Nursing to Heart

Irene Sosh

When Irene Sosh's mother had a heart attack two years ago and decided to have open-heart bypass surgery at Rideout Memorial Hospital, Irene made a decision of her own. "Once Mom recovered, I returned to bedside nursing," she says. "I wanted to work with patients again, so that every day, I would know I had done something important."

An employee since 1979, Irene started as a nurse, moving up to supervisor and eventually director of the Medical-Surgical Unit. Now she works the night shift in Cardiac Telemetry, monitoring heart patients.

Cardiac Telemetry and Cardiovascular Surgery are just two state-of-the-art services at the Heart Center at Rideout. Outpatient services include echocardiograms, vascular ultrasounds, EKGs, Holter monitors and treadmill stress tests.

The Heart Center also provides digital cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, stent placement and insertion of pacemakers and defibrillating devices. Cardiac Rehabilitation offers exercise programs and educational classes for recovering heart patients.

"We get to know our patients as people, providing care at a pivotal point in their lives," Irene says. "When Mom was in the hospital, my daughter gave me a bracelet that said, 'Nothing is worth more than this day.' I always try to remember that-for my patients as well as myself." And that comes straight from the heart!

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