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In An Emergency Quality Counts Dr. Robert Plass, Medical Direct

Dr. Robert Plass

These patient comments illustrate the high quality of care provided in the emergency room at Rideout Memorial Hospital. And we just keep getting better.

This year, we are on track to treat more than 53,000 patients - a 47% increase since 2004. During that same time frame, we have cut patient waiting time in half. Every patient is examined as soon as possible by a doctor or a physician assistant who also orders necessary lab tests and X-rays. In addition, the ER has hired more physicians, nurses and technicians to keep up with increasing patient volume. We have also significantly reduced the "door-to-admission" time for the hospital patients admitted through the ER.

Under Medical Director Dr. Robert Plass, the ER has teamed up with other departments to create an Emergency Process Improvement Committee. In just one short year, this team has:

  • Improved lab and radiology result turnaround times.
  • Streamlined the registration process.
  • Increased housekeeping services.
  • Made food available for patients on site in the ER.

"These changes help to shorten wait times, improve care and increase patient satisfaction," says Dr. Plass. "Plans are also in the works for expansion to provide more privacy. Our goal is to continue to improve the entire patient experience." As one patient noted: "Care has definitely improved. Keep up the good work!" We intend to do just that.

In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 or seek treatment at Rideout Emergency Department,