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Golden State Donor Services Recognize Star Quality Steve Frost

Steve Frost, RN

At Rideout Health, we believe that saving lives is rewarding, in and of itself. Nevertheless, we were honored when Golden State Donor Services (GSDS) presented its 2007 "Shining Star Champion Award" to Steve Frost, RN, Director of Nursing at Rideout Memorial Hospital for his outstanding service in saving lives through organ donation. What's more, GSDS honored the entire hospital staff by presenting Rideout Memorial Hospital with its "New Shining Star" hospital award.

"I was surprised to be recognized for doing a job that anyone should just expect - trying to make an emotional experience comfortable for donor families," Steve says.

"The credit really goes to the entire staff," he adds. "It's a collaborative effort by the doctors, nurses and counseling staff to ensure compassionate support to organ donor families. The families come through the process with the rewarding knowledge that one person's gift can save the lives of several others."

GSDS is a nonprofit, independent organization authorized by the Federal Government to accept organ and tissue donations for transplantation. The organization's service area covers 11 counties in Northern California, including Yuba County, as well as Santa Rosa.

Rideout Memorial Hospital is one of approximately 30 hospitals working with GSDS to meet the urgent need for organ donations. As Steve notes: "The need for transplants far exceeds the number of organ donors. Organ donation is truly the gift of life."