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Doug's Job Is Good Therapy

Doug Van Dusen

A "local boy," Doug Van Dusen had a life changing experience as an engineering student in Eureka. "I played sports in college, and my coach got me a job working with disabled students," he explains. "After that, I changed majors to physical therapy at Sacramento State."

Today, as Rideout's Manager of Outpatient Rehabilitation, Doug finds his job therapeutic - for himself and his patients. "It's rewarding to work with people who have physical or neurological injuries and restore their ability to walk or lead a normal life," he says. "We spend more quality time with patients than other facilities, developing close relationships that result in better patient care."

The outpatient clinic is part of Rideout's Rehabilitation Department, which provides comprehensive physical, occupational, speech and hand therapy services at Fremont Medical Center and Rideout Hospital. At the clinic, an interdisciplinary team provides "one-stop care" so patients don't have to travel all over town.

In his spare time, Doug assists local sports teams, providing physical therapy for their athletes. "Community involvement is important to me," he says, "and my work at Fremont Rideout is a key part of that."

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