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Doris Myers Sets a Friendly Tone

Doris Myers

When people are in the hospital, they and their families are often under a lot of stress and need help with everything from finding a phone book to summoning a nurse. That's why Doris Myers, a Ward Secretary at the front desk in the 3 West unit at Rideout Memorial Hospital tries her best to put them at ease.

"Nobody wants to be a patient, so I try to make people feel welcome and help with whatever they need," she explains. "No matter how busy you are, it's important to take the time, put a smile on your face and focus on their needs. I try to keep things friendly and lighthearted, which makes it a better day for other people - the staff as well as the patients and their families."

Doris, who also has worked as a Cardiac Monitor Tech, became interested in joining the hospital staff 10 years ago because her brother-in-law works for Fremont-Rideout in Engineering. "I love my job because it's busy and exciting," she says. "You always feel like you've accomplished something. Plus, my coworkers are wonderful. I see so many displays of compassion and heroism among the nurses. I try to follow their example in making people feel better."

Many of her experiences at work have touched her heart. "When you work in a hospital, you witness the whole spectrum of human emotions," Doris says. "One time, when a patient passed away before the family could get there, I assured the daughter that the nurse had been with him at the time and held his hand until the end. Then she and I hugged - the entire family was moved."

In what little "spare time" she has, Doris tends her roses and plays guitar. She also travels to Maryland frequently to visit her daughter and grandchildren. Her work is an extremely important part of her life, though, which is evident when she states: "I don't plan to retire until they have to kick me out."