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Diane White Is A "Team Player"

Diane White

When asked why she thinks she was named a STAR performer as a Nursing Assistant in Surgery at Rideout Memorial Hospital, Diane White modestly replies: "I just do my job." And then she adds: "I'm a team player."

Diane asserts that all her co-workers are team players, too. "It takes all of us as a team to get the job done," she explains. "We're all there to provide quality patient care. That's the primary goal, and it's very fulfilling to help sick people get better and recover from surgery. My favorite part of the job is knowing that I'm helping patients - as well as the nurses and surgeons who care for those patients."

Joining Fremont-Rideout in November 1991, Diane has seen lots of changes in the ensuing 17 years. "When I started here, Surgery was located in the older section of the hospital," she notes. "Today we have larger, better-equipped surgical suites, and the patient rooms are much bigger and nicer. I've also worked with a lot of great people over the years. The hospital is a great place to work. We have a sense of 'family' here."

Born in Sacramento, Diane was raised in the Marysville/Yuba City area and attended Yuba College. Although her two sons are grown, they still keep in close contact, with the 37-year-old living in Yuba City and the 34-year-old living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also has two grandsons who are the joy of her life. Her husband, Ricky Otto, works locally in construction.

On her days off, Diane often heads to the great outdoors. "I love to spend the day relaxing and fishing on the river," she says. "Of course, I love my job, too. Lots of people work for years and years, doing jobs they don't really enjoy. I'm lucky because even on days when we're really busy with unscheduled emergency cases in addition to other surgeries, I enjoy my work. I think that's what makes the difference in how well I do the job."