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Bev Moyle Has an Eye for Details

Bev Moyle

When your job entails scheduling all the appointments for Home Health nurses with an average of 280 patients, supervising the billing, dealing with state and federal paperwork, and serving as a member of the quality assurance team, it helps to have an eye for details. Home Health Office Coordinator Bev Moyle claims she inherited hers.

"I'm a 'nitpicker' who is very detail-oriented," she chuckles. "It's a skill I inherited from my mother. She worked for a company that built military equipment, assembling user's manuals and other technical information. Healthcare is equally technical, with lots of government regulations that are constantly revised. I have done a lot of reading over the years to keep up with all the changes."

A native of upstate New York, Bev moved to California at age 18, fresh out of high school, and went to work in quality assurance for a Silicon Valley electronics firm. "My husband and I moved to Gridley in 1976 to raise our family," she recalls. "We love the small-town community, and our daughter and son - who are now adults - and our granddaughter still live in the area."

Bev joined the Pharmacy staff at Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital in 1989 and subsequently worked as an Administrative Secretary before helping to organize their Home Health agency that later merged with Fremont-Rideout Home Health. "I had always been interested in health care," she notes. "I didn't think I could be a nurse, because I am a bit squeamish, but I knew I was good at paperwork. My coworkers are an amazing group of healthcare professionals, and I'm glad to be able to help with the paperwork to make their important job of caring for our patients a little bit easier."

Paperwork is not Bev's only skill, however. She's also known as an excellent cook and baker. In fact, her White Chocolate Piña Colada Fudge recently won a prize in a Fremont-Rideout holiday recipe contest. Her love of cooking is rivaled only by her love of traveling. Over the years, she has gone on cruises to such far-flung locales as Italy, the Mediterranean, the British Isles, Scandinavia, Russia, the Panama Canal, South America, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Australia and Alaska.

Bev's children share some of her personality traits and talents: Her son is a professional cook, and her daughter is a paralegal - another job that requires an eye for detail. There must be something to that heredity thing!