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Great Employees

  • Kim Wilson-Smith

    Kim Wilson-Smith is part of the Nutrition Services Team

    I look forward to being a part of the team here at Rideout Health for many years to come.
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  • Bev Moyle

    Bev Moyle Has an Eye for Details

    I'm glad to be able to make their important job of caring for our patients a little bit easier
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  • Lis Cummings

    Lis Boosts Employee and Business Health

    We help employees recover from work-related injuries and help employers grow their businesses with healthier, happier employees.
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  • Roshni Krishna

    Roshni Krishna Honors Patients in Their 'Sunset Years'

    I want to honor people in their 'sunset years' and provide them with the gentle, loving care they deserve
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  • Brenda Edens

    Brenda Edens Shares Her Compassion and Understanding

    I had a knack for working with Alzheimer's patients. It was what I was meant to do
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  • Daryl Keech

    Daryl Keech Provides 'Intensive Care'

    I enjoy being able to help not only our patients, but their families, as well
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  • Doug Van Dusen

    Doug's Job Is Good Therapy

    We spend more quality time with patients than other facilities, developing close relationships that result in better patient care.
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  • Juan Sigala

    When It Comes to Patient Care, Juan Sigala Delivers

    I think of these people as 'my' patients, and I take my job very seriously
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  • Carol Saavedra

    Carol Saavedra Goes Above and Beyond Her Duties

    My work is challenging and exciting because it helps contribute to quality patient care
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  • Linda Windham

    'Midnight Girl' Linda Windham Writes in Code

    They'd need five people to replace her
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  • Pipi Leonard

    Pipi Brings Human Touch to High-Tech Imaging

    But in the midst of all the high-tech equipment, it's still important to provide the human touch, giving all you can.
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  • Shauna Sparks

    Shauna Takes Your Surgery Personally

    whenever we finish an open-heart surgery and restart the patient's heart, I always get chills to see it beating again. Nothing's more rewarding than that.
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  • Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith puts patients 'at ease'

    We have the best set of co-workers and staff I've ever had the privilege to work with
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  • Irene Sosh

    Irene Takes Nursing to Heart

    We get to know our patients as people, providing care at a pivotal point in their lives
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  • Kristy Kugelman

    Nursing Student Kristy Kugelman Learns from Her Patients

    After awhile, you feel like one of the family
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  • Dr. Robert Plass

    In An Emergency Quality Counts Dr. Robert Plass, Medical Direct

    Our goal is to continue to improve the entire patient experience.
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  • Doris Myers

    Doris Myers Sets a Friendly Tone

    I try to make people feel welcome and help with whatever they need
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  • Steve Frost, RN

    Golden State Donor Services Recognize Star Quality Steve Frost

    The need for transplants far exceeds the number of organ donors. Organ donation is truly the gift of life.
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  • Kristy Silveria

    Kristy S.

    I enjoy helping people
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  • Claudio Martinez

    Claudio Martinez Provides the 'Tools' for Quality Patient Care

    It's a good feeling to know I'm making a difference for our patients
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  • Sheryl Lawrie, RNC, BSN

    Newborn Hearing Screenings: Leading the Way in Improving the Qua

    With our high-quality screenings, we're catching hearing losses early, when it will help the most.
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  • Josephine Valencia

    Josephine Valencia Sets the Record(s) Straight

    I'm always happy to do whatever I can to make life better for them.
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  • Diane White

    Diane White Is A "Team Player"

    My favorite part of the job is knowing that I'm helping patients
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  • Don Funicello

    Don Funicello Keeps the Information Flowing Smoothly

    I like to think it makes their jobs easier
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  • Karen Battaglia

    Karen Battaglia Calls Herself the 'Nighttime Spy'

    It truly is a wonderful place to work
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  • Rick Pilkay

    Rick Pilkay Gets Patients Back In Action

    I love to see patients transition in a positive way and resume their normal activities
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  • Beatriz Mercado

    For Beatriz Mercado, It's All About Customer Service

    I always tried to give them great customer service
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  • Noemi Rodriguez

    Noemi Rodriguez Is a 'Jack of All Trades'

    I'm a 'Jack of all trades' because I do a little bit of everything
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