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Vi K.

While I was in the emergency room at Rideout in March, this man came to me and said, "Hi, my name is Dr. Calhoun." (Now I am trying to figure out who this man was.)

I made a trip to Rideout for a fall I had. I was X-rayed everywhere, mostly the leg I fell on, as it was totally black, swollen, etc. Now I am wondering why is this cancer doctor talking to me.

I am writing this letter because I want everyone to know how thorough Dr. Calhoun is. He told me during my last visit with Rideout, three months earlier, I had clear chest X-rays, but after examining the new X-rays to the ones taken three months earlier, I had a spot on my lung, and he needed to do a biopsy.

I eagerly told him that couldn't happen, I had never smoked in my life, he had to be mistaken. I was wrong. Not only did I have a spot on my lung, it was indeed cancer, and I needed to have it removed.

In July I had that surgery and, because of the aggressiveness of Dr. Calhoun, I am a survivor. To read the Appeal-Democrat over the weekend and know he received an award from Rideout, I say, yes.

Good decision, Rideout. Dr. Calhoun is not only a good doctor, he is kind, and cares for his patients, and to the patient's need. A very hearty thanks to Dr. Calhoun and his wonderful staff.