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Vera G.

Another thank you to the staff in the ER. My mom fell and was transported to the ER on 8/19/2014. Jeffery was her nurse and took grand care of her. The wait for a bed for overnight admit or observation is long. Nurse Dorian and her CNA's got mom all cleaned up and comfortable. The only issue with this visit was 3W lost Mom's shoes and blouse when they moved her to the 1st floor. Housekeeping stepped right up and started looking for them. I myself on 8/20/14 1:30p-ish went to the 3W and asked the Ward Clerk to look in moms former room thinking maybe her belongings had been mixed with the new patient in rm 304's stuff. Here she came with moms shoes and blouse. I was so thankful I didn't have to go to Don's Shoes and buy another $70 pair of shoes out of my wages. Nurse Alex and the 1st floor is super, all the staff on 1st floor where wonderful.. as they have been on all mom's visits. Great staff, Trauma PA, OT, moms day sitter. Please acknowledge these caring staff members, letting them know that some of us do take the time to write nice acknowledgements.

Vera Galvez (daughter & conservator to Geraldine E. Davids.