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V. E.

V.E. of Yuba City wrote a long, heartfelt letter to Terri Hamilton to express her gratitude for the care her husband received when he was admitted to Rideout via the ED with a diagnosis of acute renal failure. A few excerpts from it, in which we can all take pride:

“We were both emotionally shaken not knowing what to expect next….the unexpected and urgent nature of my husband’s condition … filled us with fear and uncertainty….our anguish and angst were all for naught, as we could not have had a more encouraging experience.”

“From the moment we arrived at Valet Parking to the moment that D was assisted to the car after his release, we were treated with the utmost care, courtesy and respect. Each person with whom we interacted, regardless of job description, displayed the highest level of proficiency and professionalism. Each doctor, nurse, and member of support staff acted with pointed concern and proved to be instrumental in making a tremendous difference in D’s inpatient experience as they attended to his requests and needs with attentiveness and compassion. The importance of personal integrity and patient welfare was decidedly evident in every facial expression, every word spoken and every task undertaken. Their conscious choice, individually and collectively, to respond and behave in such positive and loving ways instilled in us a sense of security that allowed us to relax through
an experience of ambiguity and doubt.”

“We were, and continue to be, impressed and encouraged by your staff’s’ concerted efforts to perform with excellence…. And make a difference in, the lives of those they care for. With admiration, deep respect and heartfelt appreciation we gratefully acknowledge the stellar work ethic and tremendous dedication to patient support and care offered.”