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Steve T.

Many people say that other than our valiant military, fire fighters and peace officers, there are no heroes anymore. To that, I say "balderdash."

I recently had a near-death experience and encountered many heroes, beginning with the rapid response paramedics from the Yuba City Fire Department and the Bi-County Ambulance Service and the emergency room personnel, especially Dr. Dhillon and nurse Tara. These folks achieved hero status for me and do so for countless others each day.

Following the life-saving ministrations of these heroes, another group stepped in to see me to full recovery. This group, namely the hospital doctors, nurses and aides, began with the intensive care unit nurses whose round-the-clock vigilance was professional, compassionate, and thorough.

Once out of the ICU, the floor nurses, aides and student nurses took over with responsive, compassionate care while juggling Rideout Hospital needs of several other patients.

These folks are my personal heroes and are heroes to many others, even though they may blush at such an appellation. So, you may say there are no heroes anymore, but I know of many out there and give them all my heartfelt thanks.