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Rene M.

Recently my young niece, Jo-Anna Myles was admitted to critical care on 3M of Rideout Hospital in Marysville, CA. This letter is to commend all the doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff who so lovingly took care of Jo-Anna until her passing on April 26th. I am from Canada and I can honestly say that I have never personally witnessed such amazing hospital staff ever. The compassion, honesty, and genuine care of your people will always be a warm, sustaining memory for me. I also want to applaud your housekeeping staff .. your hospital is spotless, and as I said to one young man on your cleaning crew, our hospitals in British Columbia could take some serious instruction on how to clean and maintain a health facility from your staff! A couple people I’d like to name personally for their incredible attention to Jo-Anna and the family’s concerns were: Abdullah, Aundrea, Dr. Bains, and the respirologist I met on the last day, Bill. I can’t thank all of you enough .. the citizens of Marysville should be very proud of having Rideout Memoria Hospital in their community . Oh, and last but not least .. your cafeteria is fantastic! The food is so delicious, and the staff so friendly. Sincerely, Rene Myles (Jo-Anna Myles’ aunt)