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Luis (Rod) R.

Earlier this spring, I was diagnosed with a malfunctioning mitral heart valve, and to correct it, I needed open heart surgery. My appointed surgeon was Dr. Baron Harper. He works out of Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville. I was unable to make the first appointment, and it was rescheduled for the following day. He was notified that I had arrived, and he ran all the way from Rideout to his office so not to keep me waiting. What's up with that? Unheard of. Ten minutes into the conversation, I was positive that I was in the best possible hands. My family (who all wanted to take me to Sacramento) met with Dr. Harper and bombarded him with questions. Afterward, they all concurred that he was the right surgeon for me. They realized why I was so at ease and so positive on the outcome. As I expected, all went well. After being released, my friends commented on my weight loss and they were surprised that I just had open heart surgery. I can't express enough of my gratitude to Dr. Harper. He checked on me in the morning and late evening while I was in the hospital. Rideout's staff, to me, is second to none in caring for their patients. Also, I was thoroughly impressed and grateful for the care my wife received five years ago when she was their patient for 19 days, and I am so pleased that I was a recipient of the same care.