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Larry R.

I recently took my wife to the Rideout E.R. (i.e. Sunday, April 7) to treat a allergic reaction to prescribed medication (Lactimal). She was extremely distressed/panicked when we arrived at the ER and was immediately seen by Cindy C. at the Intake Desk. Cindy was incredibly compassionate and empathetic and yet very direct and straight-forward. She was able to calm my wife down, get the information she needed for the attending doctors/nurses and quickly got my wife the help she needed. We also wanted to acknowledge Cheryl - she also directly assisted my wife and was able to comfort and calm her. I also want to add that I was able to observe Intake Nurse Cindy for about an hour that Sunday morning - and I have to say that she dealt w/a myriad of people with an even more diverse set of maladies (real or imagined...) - and she dealt with each the same calm, compassionate, straight-forward manner. She is a credit to your facility - I hope you’ll let her know.