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Kevin P.

As a new year is underway, I sit here counting myself among the lucky. If not for modern medicine and the skills of local professionals who practice it, this year would likely have been my last.

I'll start with cardiologist Dr. Narinder Bajwa and his staff: They diagnosed the fact that I was in grave danger. I'm lucky they are here doing what they do every day.

From there, it was on to heart surgeon Dr. Baron Harper and his team. They performed the bypass surgery for which I now owe my very existence. This man saves lives for a living. I'm among those forever grateful that he does what he does every day, and that he's very good at it.

Next, I want to thank all the staff at Rideout Hospital, especially the nurses of the fourth floor, CVICU and general. I had never been in a situation in my life where I was completely incapacitated, totally reliant on a team of people to keep me alive and comfortable.

I remember each of you. I watched you do your jobs when, at times, all I could move was my eyes. I was impressed with the fantastic level of professionalism I saw on a daily basis there. Also, I want to thank the Rideout physical therapists and the staff at cardiac rehab: You helped me get my feet moving again.

Finally, I want to thank my incredible wife, Diane, for all she has done to help me through it. I love you.

And Happy New Year. Glad I get to see it.

Kevin A. Putman, Tierra Buena