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Ken Anderson Sees the Heart of Dr. Baron Harper

Ken Anderson Sees the Heart of Dr. Baron Harper

Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson is a towering presence, in person and in the community. Eagle Scout, Rotarian, Banker, and now, cardiac patient.

One spring night, Ken arrived by ambulance at Rideout Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department, where tests indicated he had suffered a heart attack and required surgery. He was in the right place. The Heart Center at Rideout offers comprehensive cardiac care, and thoracic surgeon Dr. Baron Harper took charge of Ken's case.

Ken recalls the days leading up to his surgery, "Dr. Harper was very caring, confident and comfortable as he took me, and my family, through what would happen during and after the procedure, putting us at ease. There was no question that I had the right man, a terrific human being."

Ken had praise, too, for "every nurse, every technician" at Rideout, at Rideout Home Health, who continued care after his discharge, and at the cardiac rehab program he continues to attend.

Once again robust, Ken reflects, "You put your life in these people's hands. They all have the right attitude, the right spirit and give to the max. You know something is going very right at Rideout."