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Two and a half years ago, I had minor surgery on my back. Unfortunately, the same area where there was now a scar hurt daily. My family doctor tried unsuccessfully to get a referral from a doctor in the same medical foundation.

Due to good reasons which I will not go in to, I did not want to return to the general surgeon who did the procedure. However, thanks to my daughter, I was able to be referred to Dr. Chad Nadler at Rideout Health, who greeted me with a huge smile and good news: He would fix my problem, and he did.

Five days later, I went to Rideout Health Clinic. Was I in for a surprise. Unlike the other medical facility of two-plus years ago, this time I was prepped by not one but five nurses. There was an anesthesiologist and his assistant and, of course, Dr. Nadler.

The procedure took about 45 minutes. Everyone involved was dedicated to the job on hand, and carried themselves very professionally and full of positive attitudes. The pain I had for two and a half years is gone. Not once since this surgery have I had any discomfort whatsoever. I am getting a better night's sleep.

This is my third time with Rideout Health in 16 years and I appreciate how well I have been treated each time, however this recent time was excellent and I probably went home that day with the most sanitized body in Yuba-Sutter. Great job.