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Gary C. J.

Dear Rhonda Crawford,

I am writing in regards to two of your employees, Kim Bernier and Kara Bell. I wanted to inform you of the outstanding service that they provided me for seven months. In November of 2011, on the recommendation of my doctor at UC Davis, I met with Kara for the first time. I had just received bad news from UC Davis. Because of the condition of my left leg, I was facing possible amputation. When Kara saw my leg for the first time she was honest in letting me know that she was sure that therapy would work. But she proceeded in seeing me five days a week and providing therapy on my left leg. In addition Kara brought on Kim to assist her in providing the therapy that I needed. Both of these individuals went beyond the call of duty to help me. At the end of December we started seeing progress in the healing of my leg. Both Kara and Kim did extensive research in finding the right type of therapy that I needed and finding the right type of leg compression that would work for me.. What was thought to be impossible in November of 2011 became possible in May of this year. My left leg is normal size again. When I went to UC Davis in July, Dr. Chi who was the one that gave me the bad news of a possible leg amputation was totally shocked when he saw my left leg. He told me that he had never seen anyone recover from this condition the way that I had. Dr. Chi was impressed with Kara's and Kim's work.

Kara and Kim were still not done with me. They both insisted that once I received my leg compression, to come in and that they would show me how to put in on my leg. Today, I am doing great!!! The leg compression that Kim and Kara recommended is working, and I am back to walking without pain. I am still doing the exercises that Kara recommended and I am still using the pump machine. My left leg is normal and my skin pigmentation is back. Please pass my sincere thanks on to Kara and Kim. They are both excellent therapists and showed great concern for me as a person during the process..

Regards, Pastor Gary C. Johns