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On Aug. 4, 2015, my son-in-law was diagnosed with a rare disease that attacks the nervous system called Guillain-Barre syndrome. Within a 10-hour period, he went from what we would call normal to complete paralysis of his body from head to toe. He spent about six months at Rideout Hospital in the ICU and CVICU units, where his care has been nothing less than exceptional.

The doctors Dillion, Bains and Clark spent time getting to know him and gave all they could to help advance him to the next step in his recovery, which was rehab. When we struggled with the Veteran Affairs office, they stepped in and spoke with the VA, even if it was on their day off. As a result, he is now in a private rehab facility getting the rehab he needs to recover from this disease.

And then there are the nurses as well as speech, occupational, physical therapists and lift coaches. There were so many who did so much for him. Naming one would not be fair to the others, but those who did provide care to him were the most professional, dedicated and compassionate nurses and specialists you could ever ask for.

He was there on his 28th birthday and the staff decorated his room, provided cake and ice cream and allowed therapy dogs to be part of the party.

Sometimes Rideout gets a bad rap, but from our point of view you would have to go a long way to beat the doctors and nurses who we had the privilege to work with. Thanks to the staff, my son-in-law is now able to speak, eat, drink and now moving his arms and on his way to recovery. Thanks again to Rideout and their outstanding staff.