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Denise D.

I, Denise Dalton, D.O.B., was released from Fremont-Ride out Hospital Marysville CA. on 3/20/2013, after spending 9 long days there with a new diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis/Transverse Myelitis.

After weeks of depression and not understanding of how this happens, I was released and into the care of Rideout Health Home Care Services without a treatment plan or pain management plan set ahead of time.

Since this time I have been meeting with in-home health care regularly in my home and began physical therapy a week after my release with Candy who explained the importance of physical therapy. She explained that Rick would become my regular physical therapist a few times a week on a regular basis.

Since Rick has been working with me, I have seen much improvement in my ability to get around with the assisted devices and am 50% more flexible in other areas that were once stiff and flaccid. Rick has a very professional attitude and at the same time very gentle and informative. He has a way of explaining and communicating important information that will benefit me all through this healing process and beyond.

I sincerely hope that you value the employees that you have working for you. Your physical therapists are miracle workers and provide a service to us that would otherwise be left untreated. I greatly appreciate the services that you have provided for me Rick and I know I would of never of come this far without your gentle but steady persistence to push me a little further each visit. Because of your persistence I now have 80% use of my right leg, which before I only had 20% movement.

Your time and dedication is commendable, I thank you so much for helping me become stronger with each visit. I know with your persistence I will sky dive again and eventually walk. Thank You!!!!