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Care for husband

Recently my husband suffered a massive heart attack. It was the scariest situation we've ever been through and we are so blessed that his life was saved.

Many people were involved in saving his life, stating with our son, Jason, who found him and called 911. Mr. Zamora with Smartsville Fire Department performed CPR until Bi-County Ambulance arrived. The staff at Rideout ER, Dr. Derek Orchard, the cath lab team and Dr. Devinder Singh all acted quickly, as timing was crucial.

My husband received exceptional care at Rideout. Thankfully, the stemi-alert program helped us during this critical situation. Every nurse in the hospital who took care of him was outstanding, from the ER, cath lab, CVICU and 4Main. They provided quality patient care. Dr. Devinder Singh and cath team are amazing.

Thank you, Rideout, for helping us during our time of need.