Rideout Health: 530.749.4300

Bob B.

I feel compelled to write this message to the Appeal-Democrat letters to the editor after reading the many negative articles that have appeared in the Appeal-Democrat and/or rumors that have circulated in our community concerning Rideout Hospital. Like many, I was reluctant to utilize Rideout Hospital.

Let's start at the beginning. One mid-afternoon, I had upper chest pains and decided to check with my doctor. He immediately sent me to Rideout Emergency, whereupon they went right to work to determine the cause of the pain.

After extensive tests and absolute attention details, it was determined I did not have a heart problem, but instead had a gall bladder that was in bad shape. Surgery was scheduled with a great doctor team and was a success. As soon as all of my systems were back to normal, I was released.

Now comes the reason for the letter to the editor. As my nine-day hospital stay progressed, it became evident the rumors and newspaper articles were far from the truth. I can honestly say I had excellent care from the doctors, nurses and other support staff from the beginning of my stay to the end. The nurses, their aids and the cleaning staff were very attentive to making me comfortable while in the hospital — right down to the smallest detail.

I cannot praise Rideout Hospital enough and would not give a second thought about going there if I had the occasion to need a hospital again.