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Sharon Sheard

Sharon Sheard loves kids. Good thing, too, and not just because she has five of her own. Her 30-year career as a daycare professional was all about children: engaging them, teaching them, and lifting them. She thought her backache came with the job, but it was more serious than that. Even after her retirement, intense pain persisted and essentially sidelined her from life. "I had been on many prescription pills and painkillers, even intravenous infusions of medication once a month for six years, but there was still pain," Sharon recalled.

Not giving up, Sharon's doctor referred her to more specialists, including Praveen Prasad, M.D., Board Certified in both neurosurgery and internal medicine. Educated at Stanford and UC Davis, and on the clinical faculty at the UC Davis Medical Center, Dr. Prasad is a specialist in spine surgery at Rideout's Neurosurgery Center in Marysville. "I chose Dr. Prasad because he explained the operation I needed in full detail, encouraged questions from me and from my husband, and helped me make an intelligent decision." She was impressed by the medical and nursing team at Rideout Memorial - "all very attentive, very kind, which my husband really appreciated" - but reserved her highest praise for her surgeon.

"I believe I chose the very best doctor to perform my operation; anyone who has the opportunity to work with or be a patient of Dr. Prasad is truly blessed."

Sharon had her surgery in September 2009 and hasn't had a pain pill since that November.

"I'm back working in my garden again. My husband and children cannot believe how much better I am." Now able to truly enjoy her retirement, Sharon won't miss being surrounded by kids: after all, she and her husband have 11 grandchildren.