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Rideout Health has been taking criticism recently for many issues: certification of the new ER, fines, prior administrative shortcomings, HVAC blowout and a thumbs-down from the A-D. I want to give a both-thumbs-up to the hospital.

I had a heart rate off the wall on an early December morning. The ambulance crew rushed me to the ER, where the room was ready, as was the staff. The required hookups happened immediately, the right questions were asked, my responses brought further quick actions, and the necessary injection to slow my heart rate was done within minutes of my arrival.

The doctor on duty, Dr. Schneider, had contacted my cardiologist, Dr. Iskikian, and they concurred on further treatment, electrical shock. This was also done expeditiously. I was transferred from the ER to the fourth floor, where any concerns were treated quickly by the nurses and affiliated staff. The hospital is loaded with TLC givers! I spent the night, and was released the next afternoon.

For those of you who think this is a simple "feel-good" piece, you are wrong. It is a highly complex feel-good story, as the personnel at Rideout treated me in a highly professional manner, and I am still feeling good because of them.