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B. W.

This letter of appreciation is in recognition of the doctors, nurses, and staff of the third and fourth floor ICU units at Rideout who were so attentive, gracious, caring, and kind to our Aunt during the 31 days she spent at the hospital prior to her passing. The depth of knowledge and devotion to each medical process, and follow-up procedures to assure she was given a chance to fight her disease was of the highest caliber. Although she couldn’t understand or express the depth of care and attention she received, I know she was kept comfortable and felt a strong connection to those who tended to her every need.

I want to express a special thanks to my friend and a wonderful doctor, Dr. Paul Bains. Dr. Bains was there day or night when the family had questions or concerns and never hesitated to stop in and comfort us during a very difficult time. ICU Nurse Kimmie [Harmon] was so compassionate and thorough with caring for B and went out of her way to assist the family with understanding what each of the procedures were. There were so many doctors, nurses, and staff taking care of B and we didn’t take note of all the names, although I am sure each of them know who they are and we want to thank them as well.

I want to express our true appreciation for all you did during a very difficult time. No words can express our gratitude towards all of you.