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Audrey T.

I was a patient at the [Fremont-] Rideout Cancer Center for 3 months. I was always treated very well by everyone I came into contact with. My Doctor's Jung and Nguyn. The nurses and administration were all very kind. I had the good fortune of also meeting Lydia as she was one of my radiation nurses, as well as Dan. I was always in a clean and very neat room for my visits with both Doctors. All throughout my treatment I never saw anyone who didn't wash they're hands before they examined anyone or before any procedure was done. I received excellent care and again I mention Lydia because she is ever so gracious and kind, she always watched over me to see how I was doing and to offer her help when I wasn't doing so well. For all the people who were involved in all of my care at the Cancer Center, no words can express how deeply grateful I am to you for everything, but here goes.Thank you so very much!