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I was touched by the letter that thanked Rideout Hospital for allowing their son to say goodbye to his pet dog. I was touched because my mother had the opportunity to say goodbye to her pet cat, Tig.

After my father died, the house was so empty and she was alone, so my sister-in-law got a furry, fluffy, long-haired cat for her and that cat became her companion and another friend.

So in her final days before she left us, the hospital where she was allowed the family to bring her cat Tig to her room so my mother could say goodbye to her. It meant a lot and was an emotional moment.

I think it is important that hospitals and care facilities recognize that pets aren't just animals but are companions, friends and were always there for those individuals who are now their patients.

My mother's cat Tig was just fine in the hospital room and snuggled up next to my mother in her bed. My mother was happy to see her and to say goodbye, and I think so was Tig.

I hope more hospitals and care facilities show similar compassion for their patients who miss their pets companionship and love by allowing these pets to come visit them. After all, pets can miss their owners, too, and feel abandoned by them.

So, thanks to Rideout and all hospitals and care homes that have a policy allowing for pet visitations that can be a real morale booster for those in their care.