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Grateful Patients

Vi K.

While I was in the emergency room at Rideout in March, this man came to me and said, "Hi, my name is Dr. Calhoun." (Now I am trying to figure out who this man was.)

I made a trip to Rideout for a fall I had. I was X-rayed everywhere, mostly the leg I fell on, as it was totally black, swollen, etc. Now I am wondering why is this cancer doctor talking to me.

I am writing this letter because I want everyone to know how thorough Dr. Calhoun is. He told me during my last visit with Rideout, three months earlier, I had clear chest X-rays, but after examining the new X-rays to the ones taken three months earlier, I had a spot on my lung, and he needed to do a biopsy.

I eagerly told him that couldn't happen, I had never smoked in my life, he had to be mistaken. I was wrong. Not only did I have a spot on my lung, it was indeed cancer, and I needed to have it removed.

In July I had that surgery and, because of the aggressiveness of Dr. Calhoun, I am a survivor. To read the Appeal-Democrat over the weekend and know he received an award from Rideout, I say, yes.

Good decision, Rideout. Dr. Calhoun is not only a good doctor, he is kind, and cares for his patients, and to the patient's need. A very hearty thanks to Dr. Calhoun and his wonderful staff.

David H.

My father was admitted to Rideout Hospital for kidney failure in April. In the months following, he was in and out of the hospital. He was treated with such respect and compassion. When he was afraid, a nurse would stay until he felt better.

From the first time he entered the hospital until the last time, every person employed there was wonderful. I would like to commend the doctors, nurses, CNAs, transport, dietary, housekeepers, dialysis nurses and discharge planning.

Finally, at the end of his life, our entire family was welcomed in his room and lovingly cared for, also.

Thank you, Rideout Hospital.

Jim H.

I wish to comment on a recent outpatient surgery I had at Rideout Hospital. I have had four major surgeries in the past: neuro, heart and back surgery, so I have a little experience in hospitals.

Dr. Hamilton, the anesthesiologist, and his team were great. In fact, everyone, I feel was proud to be a part of Rideout Health.

I would like to say thank you to everyone at Rideout for making my recent surgery a good experience.

Alma M.

I would like to thank Dr. Fahey, Dr. Calhoun and the Rideout Regional Medical Center staff for all their caring and kindness for my husband Dan McCullah. I really appreciate the extra mile for him.

Grant G.

On 5/13 I was treated at the emergency room for pain from a kidney stone. The care and attention give me was outstanding. Today I received a phone call at home from the PC-C that treated me. In my 72 years I have never gotten a call from any hospital that has treated me in the past. I just want to say thank you and am very grateful for your concern.


Congratulations to Rideout Health for completing all of the necessary steps to correct problems identified by state inspectors.

That was no easy task. It took the entire team to finally give us a good hospital so vital to the needs of the community!

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bob Chason, who stepped up from being a board member to the CEO. His guidance and leadership are unparalleled!

Bob B.

I feel compelled to write this message to the Appeal-Democrat letters to the editor after reading the many negative articles that have appeared in the Appeal-Democrat and/or rumors that have circulated in our community concerning Rideout Hospital. Like many, I was reluctant to utilize Rideout Hospital.

Let's start at the beginning. One mid-afternoon, I had upper chest pains and decided to check with my doctor. He immediately sent me to Rideout Emergency, whereupon they went right to work to determine the cause of the pain.

After extensive tests and absolute attention details, it was determined I did not have a heart problem, but instead had a gall bladder that was in bad shape. Surgery was scheduled with a great doctor team and was a success. As soon as all of my systems were back to normal, I was released.

Now comes the reason for the letter to the editor. As my nine-day hospital stay progressed, it became evident the rumors and newspaper articles were far from the truth. I can honestly say I had excellent care from the doctors, nurses and other support staff from the beginning of my stay to the end. The nurses, their aids and the cleaning staff were very attentive to making me comfortable while in the hospital — right down to the smallest detail.

I cannot praise Rideout Hospital enough and would not give a second thought about going there if I had the occasion to need a hospital again.

Jacqueline D.

Spent Christmas at Rideout Hospital due to a cardiac problem which required me to stay four days. This is a shout out to the great care I received by so many. The nurses, Paulina, who should become a doctor, Retane, such a gentle soul, Sally, prepped me for my procedure and took time to give me assurance and explain what I needed to do once I went home.

Gloria, CNA, never stopped taking care of her responsibilities and patients. The CN of East Indian heritage, who gently reminded me that I was in America, where we get taken care of first and asked to pay later. My wonderful doctors, Dr. M. Bui, Dr. Way and his team, cheerful and upbeat Dr. Amatto and the charming Dr. Blanchard.

Lastly, but not the least, the ladies who brought my meals as though they were in a gourmet restaurant. This is my second time having a medical reason for being at Rideout. I just simply cannot complain. Everyone does the best they can under stressful times.

Thank you all.

Dean M. E.

To Whom it may concern:

Ch. Schner, my assigned nurse for part of my stay at F.R.H., was a delight! Very efficient, affable, and showed a great sense of humor. She made a difficult time much easier, and I am most appreciative.

Mary G.

Mary Gabel , a member of the Rideout Foundation board of directors and a Calpine executive wrote to Carol Ramirez, “An employee’s wife experienced an unexpected life threatening heart problem last week and was brought into the ER by ambulance. Our employee was very complimentary of the nurses’ care on the fourth floor as well as the care received from Dr. Bui…. It made a very difficult situation bearable for our employee. His wife is now recovering at home getting stronger with each day!”

B. W.

This letter of appreciation is in recognition of the doctors, nurses, and staff of the third and fourth floor ICU units at Rideout who were so attentive, gracious, caring, and kind to our Aunt during the 31 days she spent at the hospital prior to her passing. The depth of knowledge and devotion to each medical process, and follow-up procedures to assure she was given a chance to fight her disease was of the highest caliber. Although she couldn’t understand or express the depth of care and attention she received, I know she was kept comfortable and felt a strong connection to those who tended to her every need.

I want to express a special thanks to my friend and a wonderful doctor, Dr. Paul Bains. Dr. Bains was there day or night when the family had questions or concerns and never hesitated to stop in and comfort us during a very difficult time. ICU Nurse Kimmie [Harmon] was so compassionate and thorough with caring for B and went out of her way to assist the family with understanding what each of the procedures were. There were so many doctors, nurses, and staff taking care of B and we didn’t take note of all the names, although I am sure each of them know who they are and we want to thank them as well.

I want to express our true appreciation for all you did during a very difficult time. No words can express our gratitude towards all of you.

Mee V.

On Nov. 2, my husband, Nhia Yang, had a hard time breathing so I took him to the emergency room at Rideout Hospital. I am so thankful for the loving and caring doctors and nurses who treated my husband. They did their best to treat my husband, even though we are Asian. Thank you very much to all the staff at Rideout Hospital. I know God will repay every single staff for all the good things that they have done for all the patients.

May you all have had a happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you for the new year.

Margot W.

I recently spent two days at Rideout Regional Medical Center, first in the ER and then on Ward 4.

Exactly a week later my husband’s blood pressure dropped very low and he had no pulse.

Thanks to Dr. Bui who admitted him to Rideout, and put in a pacemaker, my husband is doing well. I want to thank everyone from ER to Ward 4, the nursing staff, nurses’ aides and everyone on the fourth floor.

They were without a doubt the best, most caring, kindest and professional ladies.

We both had excellent care and want to thank each and every one of you.

V. E.

V.E. of Yuba City wrote a long, heartfelt letter to Terri Hamilton to express her gratitude for the care her husband received when he was admitted to Rideout via the ED with a diagnosis of acute renal failure. A few excerpts from it, in which we can all take pride:

“We were both emotionally shaken not knowing what to expect next….the unexpected and urgent nature of my husband’s condition … filled us with fear and uncertainty….our anguish and angst were all for naught, as we could not have had a more encouraging experience.”

“From the moment we arrived at Valet Parking to the moment that D was assisted to the car after his release, we were treated with the utmost care, courtesy and respect. Each person with whom we interacted, regardless of job description, displayed the highest level of proficiency and professionalism. Each doctor, nurse, and member of support staff acted with pointed concern and proved to be instrumental in making a tremendous difference in D’s inpatient experience as they attended to his requests and needs with attentiveness and compassion. The importance of personal integrity and patient welfare was decidedly evident in every facial expression, every word spoken and every task undertaken. Their conscious choice, individually and collectively, to respond and behave in such positive and loving ways instilled in us a sense of security that allowed us to relax through
an experience of ambiguity and doubt.”

“We were, and continue to be, impressed and encouraged by your staff’s’ concerted efforts to perform with excellence…. And make a difference in, the lives of those they care for. With admiration, deep respect and heartfelt appreciation we gratefully acknowledge the stellar work ethic and tremendous dedication to patient support and care offered.”

Kevin P.

As a new year is underway, I sit here counting myself among the lucky. If not for modern medicine and the skills of local professionals who practice it, this year would likely have been my last.

I'll start with cardiologist Dr. Narinder Bajwa and his staff: They diagnosed the fact that I was in grave danger. I'm lucky they are here doing what they do every day.

From there, it was on to heart surgeon Dr. Baron Harper and his team. They performed the bypass surgery for which I now owe my very existence. This man saves lives for a living. I'm among those forever grateful that he does what he does every day, and that he's very good at it.

Next, I want to thank all the staff at Rideout Hospital, especially the nurses of the fourth floor, CVICU and general. I had never been in a situation in my life where I was completely incapacitated, totally reliant on a team of people to keep me alive and comfortable.

I remember each of you. I watched you do your jobs when, at times, all I could move was my eyes. I was impressed with the fantastic level of professionalism I saw on a daily basis there. Also, I want to thank the Rideout physical therapists and the staff at cardiac rehab: You helped me get my feet moving again.

Finally, I want to thank my incredible wife, Diane, for all she has done to help me through it. I love you.

And Happy New Year. Glad I get to see it.

Kevin A. Putman, Tierra Buena

Ron G.

I want to personally thank the Rideout Hospital staff in the Emergency Department for the professional care and compassion they showed my wife Norma. On Dec. 1, she arrived with excruciating pain in her back and thanks to Dr. Kulwinder Singh, and both nurses Melisa Atkins, R.N., and Tiffany Flowers, R.N., they were able to help her through a difficult time.

Dr. Singh was very thorough, he explained carefully what tests needed to be taken and reassured us while we waited for pain relief and a diagnosis. A day after my wife went home, Dr. Singh made a follow-up call to see how she was doing.

Thank you to each and every one who cared for my wife — your treatment helped her feel better and calmed our fears.

Steve T.

Many people say that other than our valiant military, fire fighters and peace officers, there are no heroes anymore. To that, I say "balderdash."

I recently had a near-death experience and encountered many heroes, beginning with the rapid response paramedics from the Yuba City Fire Department and the Bi-County Ambulance Service and the emergency room personnel, especially Dr. Dhillon and nurse Tara. These folks achieved hero status for me and do so for countless others each day.

Following the life-saving ministrations of these heroes, another group stepped in to see me to full recovery. This group, namely the hospital doctors, nurses and aides, began with the intensive care unit nurses whose round-the-clock vigilance was professional, compassionate, and thorough.

Once out of the ICU, the floor nurses, aides and student nurses took over with responsive, compassionate care while juggling Rideout Hospital needs of several other patients.

These folks are my personal heroes and are heroes to many others, even though they may blush at such an appellation. So, you may say there are no heroes anymore, but I know of many out there and give them all my heartfelt thanks.

Luis (Rod) R.

Earlier this spring, I was diagnosed with a malfunctioning mitral heart valve, and to correct it, I needed open heart surgery. My appointed surgeon was Dr. Baron Harper. He works out of Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville. I was unable to make the first appointment, and it was rescheduled for the following day. He was notified that I had arrived, and he ran all the way from Rideout to his office so not to keep me waiting. What's up with that? Unheard of. Ten minutes into the conversation, I was positive that I was in the best possible hands. My family (who all wanted to take me to Sacramento) met with Dr. Harper and bombarded him with questions. Afterward, they all concurred that he was the right surgeon for me. They realized why I was so at ease and so positive on the outcome. As I expected, all went well. After being released, my friends commented on my weight loss and they were surprised that I just had open heart surgery. I can't express enough of my gratitude to Dr. Harper. He checked on me in the morning and late evening while I was in the hospital. Rideout's staff, to me, is second to none in caring for their patients. Also, I was thoroughly impressed and grateful for the care my wife received five years ago when she was their patient for 19 days, and I am so pleased that I was a recipient of the same care.

Tamara G.

We are writing this letter to express our deepest gratitude for the health care professionals in our area. Tamara Godfrey had open heart surgery with a rare atrial septal defect known as ASD on Dec. 6 at Rideout hospital. How do we go about thanking all of the people involved in saving and preserving her precious life? This is just a small tribute to the people, starting with Dr. Hamid Kourdoni (primary MD), Dr. Rupinder S. Brar (cardiologist), Dr. Erium Tariq (MD urgent care), then the cardiothoracic surgeons, Dr. Baron Harper and his partner, Dr. Patrick Griffith.

We would also like to thank their astute and confident staffs and the surgeon team as well as the ICU team and staff on the fourth floor at Rideout. We would sincerely urge all Yuba/Sutter county residents to look no further than right here in this area, as there are excellent medical professionals with abilities, knowledge and personalized service second to none.

Thank you all again from the bottom and tops of our hearts. We were all treated with the utmost respect and care, and she has recovered miraculously!

Thanks from Tamara and Butch Godfrey along with daughters, Jennifer Godfrey of Yuba City and Sarah and Amber Cayer of Roseville. Tamara Godfrey and Family, Yuba City

Brian R.W. C.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Brian Crouch, I am a 61 year old who has worked hard all my life. On March 13, 2012 I met the most amazing person, his name is Doctor Praveen Prasad. At this appointment Dr. Prasad took the time to explain what was happening to me and what he could do for me, because at this time my pain level was a full 10.

There was never any doubt in my mind I immediately requested Dr. Prasad to please help me. On June 28, 2012 Dr. Prasad did a Decompression procedure on L4&L5. and my pain was gone and has remained that way to this day.

I will forever be thankful for his benevolence, compassion and his skill as a surgeon. Your institution needs as many Dr. Prasads that you can get your hands on. I am very sure that he could help in your search.

Forever Grateful as a Person & Patient, Brian R.W. Crouch

Ron M.

This letter is to convey my appreciation to the Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville. My daughter, Jo-anna Myles, became very ill and passed away on April 26. The superb care that the staff from the ICU on 3M did for my baby in her last days was absolutely phenomenal and displayed to me the caring and professionalism that all caregivers should display.

I would like to thank everyone at the Rideout Hospital, from the security staff, cleaners, cafeteria staff, doctors, nurses, specialists and everyone else who helped her and made things as comfortable as possible. Also a great big thank you for accommodating the family and multitude of friends filling the waiting rooms and hallways during this hard time for all. Marysville should be proud to have a hospital of this caliber for its people.

Ron Myles

Whitehorse Yukon Territory, Canada

Karen C.

My husband and I want to publicly thank the RNs and CNAs at Rideout Hospital. Jeane, Gabriella, Curtis, Ron, Juana, Daphne, and Liz: You made my husband's stay as pleasant as possible with your excellent care, kindness and great attitude, even at 3 a.m.

You worked to help my husband while maintaining his dignity. I had promised candy, but was stricken with the same illness that my husband had and have been home in bed for the last week, but I will come through, I promise, because I know that nothing says thank you to a nurse like candy! Also I want to thank Mel, my hubby's roommate.

He had a wonderful personality and great attitude. Mel, hope all is well with you. Anyway, God bless you all.

Judy L. L.

Dear Mrs. Hamilton,

These past two weeks have brought me to Rideout Hospital for several tests.

I had two MRI's which were given by a man called Don Miller, a PFT administered by a young man named Richard and lastly a nuclear stress test administered by a delightful young man named Joseph Maslaw.

All three of these men were most knowledgeable and professional as well as kind and compassionate. In each case I felt I was the only patient they ever had.

I have been in the medical field for many, many years and I found each of these technicians mentioned were exceptional and outstanding.

I commend you on having such superb and caring people to meet the medical needs of our community

Sukie G.

Rideout saves lives

This is a letter praising the local heroes at Rideout Hospital that save lives every day and often go unnoticed. These talented professionals provide quality care close to home every single day.

I am writing this letter in regards of the excellent, compassionate care my mother received by your staff as she was under their care for a open heart surgery procedure and a valve repair March1-11.

Your staff was exceptional in all aspects from the moment our mom, Gurminderjeet Gill, arrived via ambulance to your ER, through her three-day pre-op stay on the cardiac floor through the cardiovascular intensive care unit and until her discharge post-op. Each staff member was kind, compassionate, culturally sensitive, and very knowledgeable about her medical issues.

To name a few staff members that we want to acknowledge:

Jill Schultz, she diligently answered all of our medication questions.

Respiratory therapy staff: Jinder, Ryan, Denise and Katelyn.

Nurses Sonia, Mopey, Paredema, Diane, Renee and Sarah.

Dr. Griffith and Dr. Harper; these two gentlemen spent so much time educating us about the surgery with so much patience and compassion. They answered countless questions for us. Post-operatively, Dr. Harper rounded on our mom three times a day even each weekend day. Anyone can practice good medicine but to exceed our expectations with their attentiveness and caring amazed all of us.

Dr. Bains, Pulmonologist and Intensivist, was also amazing with his care during her stay.

Having quality care so close to home is a rare treasure. You are so fortunate to have such a great team of healthcare professionals.

As a side note, my sister, Romi Uppal, social work case manager, is a 15-year employee of your wonderful facility. Our mom, Gurminderjeet Gill, was also a Rideout employee for 11 years, many years ago.

Again, a heartfelt thank you to your stellar team of professionals.

Sukie Gill, Santa Rosa; Romi Uppal, Yuba City; Amar Gillof, Yuba City

Denise D.

I, Denise Dalton, D.O.B., was released from Fremont-Ride out Hospital Marysville CA. on 3/20/2013, after spending 9 long days there with a new diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis/Transverse Myelitis.

After weeks of depression and not understanding of how this happens, I was released and into the care of Rideout Health Home Care Services without a treatment plan or pain management plan set ahead of time.

Since this time I have been meeting with in-home health care regularly in my home and began physical therapy a week after my release with Candy who explained the importance of physical therapy. She explained that Rick would become my regular physical therapist a few times a week on a regular basis.

Since Rick has been working with me, I have seen much improvement in my ability to get around with the assisted devices and am 50% more flexible in other areas that were once stiff and flaccid. Rick has a very professional attitude and at the same time very gentle and informative. He has a way of explaining and communicating important information that will benefit me all through this healing process and beyond.

I sincerely hope that you value the employees that you have working for you. Your physical therapists are miracle workers and provide a service to us that would otherwise be left untreated. I greatly appreciate the services that you have provided for me Rick and I know I would of never of come this far without your gentle but steady persistence to push me a little further each visit. Because of your persistence I now have 80% use of my right leg, which before I only had 20% movement.

Your time and dedication is commendable, I thank you so much for helping me become stronger with each visit. I know with your persistence I will sky dive again and eventually walk. Thank You!!!!