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Grateful Patients

  • Vi K.

    A very hearty thanks to Dr. Calhoun and his wonderful staff.
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  • David H.

    Treated with such respect and compassion
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  • Bob B.

    I cannot praise Rideout Hospital enough
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  • Jim H.

    I feel was proud to be a part of Rideout Health
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  • Mary G.

    It made a very difficult situation bearable
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  • V. E.

    We were, and continue to be, impressed and encouraged
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  • B. W.

    No words can express our gratitude towards all of you
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  • Jacqueline D.

    This is a shout out to the great care I received by so many
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  • Kevin P.

    Happy New Year. Glad I get to see it.
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  • Vera G.

    Another thank you to the staff in the ER
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  • Audrey T.

    Thank you so very much!
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Vi K.

While I was in the emergency room at Rideout in March, this man came to me and said, "Hi, my name is Dr. Calhoun." (Now I am trying to figure out who this man was.)

I made a trip to Rideout for a fall I had. I was X-rayed everywhere, mostly the leg I fell on, as it was totally black, swollen, etc. Now I am wondering why is this cancer doctor talking to me.

I am writing this letter because I want everyone to know how thorough Dr. Calhoun is. He told me during my last visit with Rideout, three months earlier, I had clear chest X-rays, but after examining the new X-rays to the ones taken three months earlier, I had a spot on my lung, and he needed to do a biopsy.

I eagerly told him that couldn't happen, I had never smoked in my life, he had to be mistaken. I was wrong. Not only did I have a spot on my lung, it was indeed cancer, and I needed to have it removed.

In July I had that surgery and, because of the aggressiveness of Dr. Calhoun, I am a survivor. To read the Appeal-Democrat over the weekend and know he received an award from Rideout, I say, yes.

Good decision, Rideout. Dr. Calhoun is not only a good doctor, he is kind, and cares for his patients, and to the patient's need. A very hearty thanks to Dr. Calhoun and his wonderful staff.

David H.

My father was admitted to Rideout Hospital for kidney failure in April. In the months following, he was in and out of the hospital. He was treated with such respect and compassion. When he was afraid, a nurse would stay until he felt better.

From the first time he entered the hospital until the last time, every person employed there was wonderful. I would like to commend the doctors, nurses, CNAs, transport, dietary, housekeepers, dialysis nurses and discharge planning.

Finally, at the end of his life, our entire family was welcomed in his room and lovingly cared for, also.

Thank you, Rideout Hospital.

Jim H.

I wish to comment on a recent outpatient surgery I had at Rideout Hospital. I have had four major surgeries in the past: neuro, heart and back surgery, so I have a little experience in hospitals.

Dr. Hamilton, the anesthesiologist, and his team were great. In fact, everyone, I feel was proud to be a part of Rideout Health.

I would like to say thank you to everyone at Rideout for making my recent surgery a good experience.

Bob B.

I feel compelled to write this message to the Appeal-Democrat letters to the editor after reading the many negative articles that have appeared in the Appeal-Democrat and/or rumors that have circulated in our community concerning Rideout Hospital. Like many, I was reluctant to utilize Rideout Hospital.

Let's start at the beginning. One mid-afternoon, I had upper chest pains and decided to check with my doctor. He immediately sent me to Rideout Emergency, whereupon they went right to work to determine the cause of the pain.

After extensive tests and absolute attention details, it was determined I did not have a heart problem, but instead had a gall bladder that was in bad shape. Surgery was scheduled with a great doctor team and was a success. As soon as all of my systems were back to normal, I was released.

Now comes the reason for the letter to the editor. As my nine-day hospital stay progressed, it became evident the rumors and newspaper articles were far from the truth. I can honestly say I had excellent care from the doctors, nurses and other support staff from the beginning of my stay to the end. The nurses, their aids and the cleaning staff were very attentive to making me comfortable while in the hospital — right down to the smallest detail.

I cannot praise Rideout Hospital enough and would not give a second thought about going there if I had the occasion to need a hospital again.

Jacqueline D.

Spent Christmas at Rideout Hospital due to a cardiac problem which required me to stay four days. This is a shout out to the great care I received by so many. The nurses, Paulina, who should become a doctor, Retane, such a gentle soul, Sally, prepped me for my procedure and took time to give me assurance and explain what I needed to do once I went home.

Gloria, CNA, never stopped taking care of her responsibilities and patients. The CN of East Indian heritage, who gently reminded me that I was in America, where we get taken care of first and asked to pay later. My wonderful doctors, Dr. M. Bui, Dr. Way and his team, cheerful and upbeat Dr. Amatto and the charming Dr. Blanchard.

Lastly, but not the least, the ladies who brought my meals as though they were in a gourmet restaurant. This is my second time having a medical reason for being at Rideout. I just simply cannot complain. Everyone does the best they can under stressful times.

Thank you all.

Mary G.

Mary Gabel , a member of the Rideout Foundation board of directors and a Calpine executive wrote to Carol Ramirez, “An employee’s wife experienced an unexpected life threatening heart problem last week and was brought into the ER by ambulance. Our employee was very complimentary of the nurses’ care on the fourth floor as well as the care received from Dr. Bui…. It made a very difficult situation bearable for our employee. His wife is now recovering at home getting stronger with each day!”

B. W.

This letter of appreciation is in recognition of the doctors, nurses, and staff of the third and fourth floor ICU units at Rideout who were so attentive, gracious, caring, and kind to our Aunt during the 31 days she spent at the hospital prior to her passing. The depth of knowledge and devotion to each medical process, and follow-up procedures to assure she was given a chance to fight her disease was of the highest caliber. Although she couldn’t understand or express the depth of care and attention she received, I know she was kept comfortable and felt a strong connection to those who tended to her every need.

I want to express a special thanks to my friend and a wonderful doctor, Dr. Paul Bains. Dr. Bains was there day or night when the family had questions or concerns and never hesitated to stop in and comfort us during a very difficult time. ICU Nurse Kimmie [Harmon] was so compassionate and thorough with caring for B and went out of her way to assist the family with understanding what each of the procedures were. There were so many doctors, nurses, and staff taking care of B and we didn’t take note of all the names, although I am sure each of them know who they are and we want to thank them as well.

I want to express our true appreciation for all you did during a very difficult time. No words can express our gratitude towards all of you.

V. E.

V.E. of Yuba City wrote a long, heartfelt letter to Terri Hamilton to express her gratitude for the care her husband received when he was admitted to Rideout via the ED with a diagnosis of acute renal failure. A few excerpts from it, in which we can all take pride:

“We were both emotionally shaken not knowing what to expect next….the unexpected and urgent nature of my husband’s condition … filled us with fear and uncertainty….our anguish and angst were all for naught, as we could not have had a more encouraging experience.”

“From the moment we arrived at Valet Parking to the moment that D was assisted to the car after his release, we were treated with the utmost care, courtesy and respect. Each person with whom we interacted, regardless of job description, displayed the highest level of proficiency and professionalism. Each doctor, nurse, and member of support staff acted with pointed concern and proved to be instrumental in making a tremendous difference in D’s inpatient experience as they attended to his requests and needs with attentiveness and compassion. The importance of personal integrity and patient welfare was decidedly evident in every facial expression, every word spoken and every task undertaken. Their conscious choice, individually and collectively, to respond and behave in such positive and loving ways instilled in us a sense of security that allowed us to relax through
an experience of ambiguity and doubt.”

“We were, and continue to be, impressed and encouraged by your staff’s’ concerted efforts to perform with excellence…. And make a difference in, the lives of those they care for. With admiration, deep respect and heartfelt appreciation we gratefully acknowledge the stellar work ethic and tremendous dedication to patient support and care offered.”

Kevin P.

As a new year is underway, I sit here counting myself among the lucky. If not for modern medicine and the skills of local professionals who practice it, this year would likely have been my last.

I'll start with cardiologist Dr. Narinder Bajwa and his staff: They diagnosed the fact that I was in grave danger. I'm lucky they are here doing what they do every day.

From there, it was on to heart surgeon Dr. Baron Harper and his team. They performed the bypass surgery for which I now owe my very existence. This man saves lives for a living. I'm among those forever grateful that he does what he does every day, and that he's very good at it.

Next, I want to thank all the staff at Rideout Hospital, especially the nurses of the fourth floor, CVICU and general. I had never been in a situation in my life where I was completely incapacitated, totally reliant on a team of people to keep me alive and comfortable.

I remember each of you. I watched you do your jobs when, at times, all I could move was my eyes. I was impressed with the fantastic level of professionalism I saw on a daily basis there. Also, I want to thank the Rideout physical therapists and the staff at cardiac rehab: You helped me get my feet moving again.

Finally, I want to thank my incredible wife, Diane, for all she has done to help me through it. I love you.

And Happy New Year. Glad I get to see it.

Kevin A. Putman, Tierra Buena

Vera G.

Another thank you to the staff in the ER. My mom fell and was transported to the ER on 8/19/2014. Jeffery was her nurse and took grand care of her. The wait for a bed for overnight admit or observation is long. Nurse Dorian and her CNA's got mom all cleaned up and comfortable. The only issue with this visit was 3W lost Mom's shoes and blouse when they moved her to the 1st floor. Housekeeping stepped right up and started looking for them. I myself on 8/20/14 1:30p-ish went to the 3W and asked the Ward Clerk to look in moms former room thinking maybe her belongings had been mixed with the new patient in rm 304's stuff. Here she came with moms shoes and blouse. I was so thankful I didn't have to go to Don's Shoes and buy another $70 pair of shoes out of my wages. Nurse Alex and the 1st floor is super, all the staff on 1st floor where wonderful.. as they have been on all mom's visits. Great staff, Trauma PA, OT, moms day sitter. Please acknowledge these caring staff members, letting them know that some of us do take the time to write nice acknowledgements.

Vera Galvez (daughter & conservator to Geraldine E. Davids.

Audrey T.

I was a patient at the [Fremont-] Rideout Cancer Center for 3 months. I was always treated very well by everyone I came into contact with. My Doctor's Jung and Nguyn. The nurses and administration were all very kind. I had the good fortune of also meeting Lydia as she was one of my radiation nurses, as well as Dan. I was always in a clean and very neat room for my visits with both Doctors. All throughout my treatment I never saw anyone who didn't wash they're hands before they examined anyone or before any procedure was done. I received excellent care and again I mention Lydia because she is ever so gracious and kind, she always watched over me to see how I was doing and to offer her help when I wasn't doing so well. For all the people who were involved in all of my care at the Cancer Center, no words can express how deeply grateful I am to you for everything, but here goes.Thank you so very much!