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Photo Tour - August 2016

First Floor: Lobby, Cafe, Admitting, Emergency Department

Rideout Regional Medical Center Lobby Area

Miss Southern’s Memorial Cafe - Mural

Miss Southern’s Memorial Cafe Seating Area

Miss Southern’s Memorial Cafe Recycling Area

Admitting Inside the Rideout Regional Medical Center, First Floor

ED Nurses Station

ED Bay

ED Triage

ED Waiting Area

First Floor: Digital Technology

Floor 1: CT Scanner (View 1)

Floor 1: CT Scanner (View 2)

Floor 1: Ultrasound

2nd and 3rd Floor

2nd Floor Cardiovascular Services. Assembling the Angiography Systems

2nd Floor Staff Room

2nd Floor Staff Locker Room

3rd Floor Acute-care Room (View 1)

3rd Floor Acute-care Room (View 2)

4th and Fifth Floor

4th Floor Room - Following delivery, all mothers and babies move to the fourth floor to private suites until they are ready to go home.

4th Floor: Neonatal Equipment for our littlest and most fragile patients.

4th Floor: Well Baby Nursery

5th Floor Labor & Delivery Room

Rooftop Helipad

Helicopter Landing at the new Rideout Health Helipad