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Health system affiliation will help improve healthcare outcomes and expand access to quality care in the
California Yuba-­‐Sutter region

ROSEVILLE, CALIF., MARCH 20, 2018 – Adventist Health—a faith-­‐based, nonprofit integrated health system serving more than 75 communities in California, Oregon and Hawaii—last week reached a key milestone for the affiliation agreement with Marysville-­‐based Rideout Health. The California Office of the Attorney General approved the transition of Rideout Health’s assets to Adventist Health including the 219-­‐bed Rideout Regional Medical Center, an acute care hospital; the Heart Center at Rideout; Rideout Cancer Center, which is affiliated with University of California, Davis Health; outpatient clinics and a host of ancillary services including senior living services located throughout the Yuba-­‐Sutter County. The deal will officially close on April 1, 2018.

“We are delighted that the attorney general has approved for us to move forward. Adventist Health is eager to bring our distinctive mission of whole person health to invest in the future of Rideout Health’s community, a goal both organizations have shared from the start,” said Scott Reiner, chief executive of Adventist Health. “We are confident that the partnership will have a positive impact on patients and the broader Yuba-­‐Sutter community.”

Adventist Health and Rideout signed an affiliation agreement October 2017, which officials say will boost efficiency and innovation while helping control costs for the region. Both organizations have agreed to conditions outlined by the attorney general to preserve healthcare services for Marysville and its surrounding communities.

Rideout employs more than 2,100 employees and has approximately 300 physicians on staff.

"We are pleased the attorney general approved our affiliation as our patients will benefit from Adventist Health's investments in clinical improvement tools,” said Janice Nall, chair of Rideout Health's board of directors. “Adventist Health’s philosophy of health and wellness will bring important prevention programs to our region."

There have been several public meetings about the affiliation, and the attorney general's office says the idea has received uniformly positive comments from community leaders and patients.

For detailed information about the attorney general’s decision and conditions, visit http://bit.ly/2tVDxwv.

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