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Labor Delivery Plan

Your Labor and Delivery Plan

Detailed planning helps the doctor and reduces your anxiety about the birth of your child, even though unexpected situations may change your plans. Be sure to share your plan with the nurse during the early part of labor so she can establish the best possible environment for you and those who will attend the birth.

At the Family Birthing Center inside the Rideout Regional Medical Center, you will be given the most advanced care available in maternity services. Most deliveries are without complications, but in the rare situation in which a problem occurs, enhanced care is available.

Share this information with your doctors and/or nurse midwife, the nursing staff and your support people to communicate your ideas and philosophy

Your Birth Plan: Things to Think About as You Plan the Birth of Your Baby

During my pregnancy, I will talk to my partner about the following:

  • Whether my partner feels comfortable about going into the Cesarean birth suite with me, if a Cesarean is needed

During my pregnancy, I will talk to my doctor/midwife about the following:

  • Positions for pushing and delivering my baby, and what will work best for me
  • Ways to start or restart labor, such as breast stimulation, artificial breaking of membranes and Oxytocin/Pitocin
  • Assisted birth devices, such as forceps and vacuum extraction
  • Opinions on circumcision of boy babies
  • Opinions on breastfeeding versus bottle
  • Opinions on immunizations and antibiotics
  • Episiotomy Vs Tearing