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Our Vision For Rideout

I am very pleased that the announcement regarding Gino Patrizio's pending appointment as the new CEO of Rideout has been so well received. This past year Gino and I have worked together through some very difficult and trying times and I am confident he will provide the leadership necessary to take Rideout to a whole new level of excellence in health care delivery. More importantly, he will provide the stability that is essential as our organization continues to move forward. I intend to support and assist him in any way I can as we prepare Rideout for the ever-changing health care landscape so we can better serve this community.

With our compliance and quality improvement process complete, we have embarked upon five strategies designed to meet the challenges we face going forward. We view these strategies as the vehicles through which we will sustain Rideout, deliver ever-better care,and help foster a healthier community. Our five strategies are:

Continue to strive for quality: At Rideout, we view quality not as a destination, but as a never-ending journey, and we are committed to continuing to improve every day. We are currently developing the roadmap for the organization's future that aligns our capabilities and operations with community needs. Because we value the input of our community, this roadmap will be available for review and discussion during the next few months.

Embrace Community: We view our role as providers of care and as stewards of better health in this community. It is both, not either/or. The Rideout/Sutter Community Needs Assessment and the nation's emerging focus on population health management provide a major push for strengthening initiatives related to our role as a safety net provider.

Foster Collaboration: In order to deliver the highest quality care to our community, we will continue to collaborate with other health providers in the region to expand our capabilities and broaden our reach. Discussions are currently underway with a number of regional providers to better serve both the needs of their communities as well as our own.

Live Sustainability: Beyond our community, we have a responsibility to act as good stewards of the environment. We are committed to making the investments necessary to achieve more efficient consumption of energy, reduce waste, and make our operations more environmentally friendly. To that end we are actively pursuing plans to invest in solar energy, co-generation, and battery-powered energy systems to both reduce energy consumption and related expenses.

Don't Stop Learning: A well-trained and ready workforce is the cornerstone of quality health care delivery. Through partnerships with higher education institutions in our region, we will continue to make investments in educating and training our clinicians

and staff, renewing and improving their health care knowledge and skills. A number of these discussions are already underway, and we will bring these opportunities forward for discussion as plans are more fully developed.

In the coming months, as we execute these strategies to meet our collective goals, we will continue to communicate our progress to you. Transparency and open communication are central to ensure our vision for Rideout's future – and how we plan to get there – is clear.

Check back here monthly for an update on our focus and progress toward our goals. We welcome questions and feedback, and we hope you will share these with others in the community as we all have a stake in the success of Rideout.

As I prepare to step aside in the near future, I plan to continue working with Gino and other Rideout executives to sustain the efforts we currently have underway. It has been my distinct pleasure to serve this community with the entire Rideout family, and

I look forward to further contributing to what I know will be a very bright future.

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