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Patient Centered Care

As we edge closer to the opening of the new six-story Rideout Regional Medical Center, we keep in mind patient-centered care is one of the values that drives our mission to improve the wellbeing of everyone in our community through quality and compassionate health care.

Patient-centered care is not just a buzzword: it is a concept that is becoming the central aim for the nation's health care system. It requires the engagement of top leadership, a clearly stated organizational vision, involvement of patients and families at multiple levels, a supportive work environment for all employees, systematic measurement and feedback, quality medical facilities, and supportive information technology.

At Rideout, we are making the substantial investments in time, expertise, technology, and equipment that will play a big role in achieving patient-centered care. Physicians, nurses, and all hospital staff are excited about the way the new Medical Center is coming together. (Last month, we created mock-up rooms to test the ‘final’ room configuration and design so that staff can review the rooms in terms of placement and functionality).

We want to share pictures of some of the mock up rooms with you, because we are certain that you will be excited, too.

3 rd Floor Med/Prep 3 rd Floor Medical/Surgical

3 rd Floor Nourish ED Exam Room

Labor and Delivery

The new Rideout Regional Medical Center will have 104 patient rooms. The Well Baby Nursery and Maternity Service Unit will occupy the fourth and fifth floors of the hospital, and is designed to maximize the comfort and safety of moms and babies, and the convenience of patients and family members. It will include 48 beds, 36 of which are private rooms, 12 Labor and Delivery rooms, two C-section suites and 15 bassinets.

Each single-bed room will have separate zones for patient, family and staff. The patient zone offers a comfortable seating area and amenities such as a flat-screen television. Large windows offer expansive views and plenty of natural light.

Medical/Surgical Care will be provided on the second and third floors. The Cardiovascular Theater and Interventional Radiology will be consolidated and located on the second floor, with two brand new cath labs, one interventional radiology room, and a new hybrid room.

The third floor will include telemetry stations where nurses will monitor vital signs after surgery on patients who do not require the Intensive Care Unit.

Medication Preparation rooms will be located near each nursing station to provide effective and efficient medication care for each patient. Also near each nurse's station: Nourishment Preparation rooms, to better meet the nutritional needs of our patients.

The Rideout Regional Medical Center expansion will include a new state-of-the-art data center. This will become our primary data center location. The existing data center at the Rideout Surgery Center will become the secondary location. This will allow Rideout Health to have two fully functional and fully equipped data centers to support the many diverse systems needed to support a complex, evolving healthcare facility.

Plans are in process now to introduce EPIC, widely considered the best electronic health record (EHR) system throughout the health care industry, as part of our patient-centered care strategy. The system is designed to create one unified patient record system for the entire enterprise and it incorporates the complete clinical operational spectrum. EPIC will allow patients to view their medical records, including every aspect of their lab reports, pharmacy information, and to make appointments with physicians and reorder prescriptions.

Because health care requires more than performing surgeries and dispensing medicines, comfortable respite areas are provided on each floor of the Medical Center and an outdoor garden area is available where patients and family members can relax.

Of course, on the rooftop is the Helipad, where Life Flight helicopters can land with patients with severe trauma requiring immediate emergency care.

Theresa Hyer, Director of Emergency Services

We anticipate the new Emergency Department will be opening soon, and we have taken steps to ensure its operation will be in the hands of a very qualified manager. Our new Director of Emergency Services, Theresa Hyer, comes to us from Mercy San Juan-Dignity Health, where she was Manager of Emergency Services for five years. Last year, Mercy San Juan was recognized by California Emergency Physicians as Site of the Year for process improvement in throughput times, and by Dignity Health for Teamwork.

Rideout Health has been undergoing changes at a fundamental level to improve health care in our community. The investments in time, expertise, technology, and equipment are real. So is our commitment to patient-centered care.

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