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Integrity-An Adherence to a Set of Moral and Ethical Principles

Integrity is a fundamental operating principle to most organizations – to most people. Without integrity, there's little trust. Our work as caregivers at Rideout must be built on integrity. Patients and their families trust us with their lives. And while we have faced some recent hurdles that have called into question our processes, we are moving forward with the unwavering commitment to provide our patients with the honest, dedicated and high-quality care they expect.

People want to work for and partner with organizations that demonstrate a strong ethical culture.

We know rebuilding trust takes time – and commitment. This is also a promise to our patients that we will do the right thing every time. I believe we have the right leadership, medical professionals, staff and structure in place now to deliver on this promise. Consistent, quality patient care is our foremost priority. This means creating an infrastructure to support processes and procedures that include a high standard of quality care and compliance with all regulatory obligations while serving the needs of those we care for daily.

We hope that through this organization-wide commitment to quality and compliance, we earn the honor of caring for our neighbors and community members and becoming the trusted healthcare leader in the Yuba-Sutter community.

To be viewed as a strong hospital externally, we must be a strong organization on the inside. Just as our heritage showcases our rich history, our employees and the values we live by are the backbone of our organization – carrying on the ethical work practices built over decades of service. By treating our customers, patients, suppliers, co-workers and the communities we serve with respect and integrity, Rideout can lead by example.

Whether it's our 1800+ + employees and physicians serving communities across the Yuba-Sutter region or the relationships we develop, everyone represents the Rideout name and each one helps deliver on our deep heritage, our promise to patients – and our future. Ensuring that our values and standard ethics and code of conduct are consistently adhered to and never compromised is a priority for everyone – regardless of what role we each play across our hospital.

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