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United We Heal

At Rideout our values are more than just a motto, they are the guiding SPIRIT driving our core beliefs. Now more than ever, we’re focusing on teamwork at all levels – inside the organization and in our community.

As a leader it’s my job to unite our team – our organization, the dedicated managers, the administrative staff and the amazing medical professionals that care for our patients. And when we stand united, as a team, we can overcome obstacles and continue to move Rideout forward.

But, teamwork is more than just asking for opinions, it’s supporting and collaborating with others when they’re facing a challenge and having open communication. With a wealth of internal resources, I find that the more I ask for your thoughts and opinions the more I learn about the commitment of the Rideout family and the greater Yuba-Sutter community.

Teamwork isn’t just an internal strategy; it’s also a foundational part of our patient experience and expectation. As caregivers, patients should see us as their partner in their fight against illness. We also have a responsibility to extend our brand of teamwork beyond the walls of our facilities by providing the education, tools and support necessary so our patients, their families and our community can live healthier.

Rideout is a hospital made up of caring medical professionals who are focused on working smarter by working together.

Because united, we heal.

Categories: 2014/2015 CEO News