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"Your actions, and your actions alone, determines your worth"

—Johan G. Fichte.

At Rideout Health, we are dedicated to following through on our commitments and doing what we say we will do. When we are reliable, others can count on us – trust us.

Since joining Rideout, I partnered with our leadership team to cement a vision for the future of our hospital and the health of our community. Part of this vision is showing Rideout's true colors, proving our worth as a leader in care in the Yuba Sutter community and as a trusted source of advice, education and support.

Restoring trust and healing is always hard work. We know the dedication and commitment of our physicians, nurses and staff will reinforce our reliability. But, we've gone beyond good intent to installing a reliable system. We'd like to share some steps we have taken to embody our values more each day.

Over the past six months, Rideout has made significant enhancements to its quality and compliance programs and procedures, including restructuring some departments to better correlate with compliance categories and standards, the hiring of senior experts in related fields and a team of Quality Performance Specialists, who will be assigned to patient care units to collaborate with nursing and physician staff to identify and bridge any performance gaps, assist with additional training and coaching and support our staff in their delivery of quality patient care.

We want to put our employees and patients at ease by showing that we are trustworthy and do everything in our power to fulfill our commitments.

We continue to encourage open and honest dialogue with employees, patients and community leaders through our new CEO Roundtable series, monthly letters, external newsletters and monthly updates to our employees. Building and maintaining a reputation as a reliable organization means continued growth and new ideas to keep up with new innovations. Under my leadership Rideout will always be interested in listening to ideas, comments and debates from staff and the larger community.

While Rideout may have new leadership, we haven't foregone our traditions. Reliability isn't a new idea – but it's the right idea. When you're not feeling well you want reliable, quality care. Our goal is to be the no-nonsense, comforting place you want to rely on.

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