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Jan 7
2016 CEO News
As we settle into a New Year, it is with sincere warmth that I extend my very best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous and memorable year in 2016. Looking back on 2015, I’m amazed at howmuch we accomplished together. We overcame ...
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Sep 17
Our Vision For Rideout
I am very pleased that the announcement regarding Gino Patrizio's pending appointment as the new CEO of Rideout has been so well received. This past year Gino and I have worked together through some very difficult and trying times and I am ...
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Jul 7
Dear Patients, Physicians, Colleagues and Friends, Since the very first day I stepped in as Rideout’s interim CEO, I have been anxiously awaiting the moment I could write you all this letter. That moment has finally come. On July 6, 2015, The ...
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May 20
One-Two Milestone Punch: Rideout's expanded ER opens, hospital's Joint Commission accreditation confirmed, both just two days apart
MARYSVILLE, May 14, 2015 — This week has been a momentous one for Rideout. On Tuesday, the long-anticipated Emergency Department expansion at Rideout Memorial Hospital received its license after passing a final inspection conducted by the ...
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Apr 13
Patient Centered Care
As we edge closer to the opening of the new six-story Rideout Regional Medical Center, we keep in mind patient-centered care is one of the values that drives our mission to improve the wellbeing of everyone in our community through quality and ...
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Feb 11
Rideout Health STEWARDSHIP
We at Rideout Health are stewards of a valued community resource: a not-for-profit health care system that serves everyone, regardless of income, and has no shareholders expecting to profit from someone's illness or injury. We at Rideout Health ...
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Jan 6
Rideout Innovation
Innovation is a catalyst for growth; without it organizations become static. As Rideout Health moves into a new phase as an organization, we're looking to innovate and make operations more efficient. The way things were done in the past will no ...
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Dec 15
"Your actions, and your actions alone, determines your worth" —Johan G. Fichte. At Rideout Health, we are dedicated to following through on our commitments and doing what we say we will do. When we are reliable, others can count on us ...
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Dec 3
United We Heal
At Rideout our values are more than just a motto, they are the guiding SPIRIT driving our core beliefs. Now more than ever, we’re focusing on teamwork at all levels – inside the organization and in our community. As a leader it’s my ...
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Nov 20
Integrity-An Adherence to a Set of Moral and Ethical Principles
Integrity is a fundamental operating principle to most organizations – to most people. Without integrity, there's little trust. Our work as caregivers at Rideout must be built on integrity. Patients and their families trust us with their ...
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Nov 5
The Changing Face of Healthcare
"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old." - Peter Drucker The business of healthcare is changing. New legislation, the pace of medical innovation and a more educated and demanding population all mean the way we do ...
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