Fremont Medical Center: 530.751.4000
Rideout Memorial Hospital: 530.749.4300

Overnight Hospital Stay

If you are preparing for an overnight hospital stay, find out who can stay with you, what to expect and some of the features available for overnight guests:

Women & Infant Services at Fremont Medical Center (birthing): Offers private rooms. To learn about hospital-stay regulations during birthing, please call - 530 751-4165.

Pediatrics: Our Pediatrics Department is located at Rideout Hospital and is staffed with skilled pediatric nurses who provide excellent and gentle care for our younger patients. Our cheerful setting is designed to make children feel at home as much as possible. One parent or guardian may stay overnight with hospitalized children. Arrangements should be made through the nursing staff. To learn more, please call (530) 749-4300

Rideout Memorial Hospital. To learn about hospital-stay regulations during hospital services, please call 530 749-4300.