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Outpatient Laboratory Services

Rideout Laboratory Services

Town Center481 Plumas Blvd., Suite 105
Yuba City, CA 95991
Hours: 6am-6pm Monday- Friday
Routine imaging services are also available at the Town Center location for your ease and convenience.

414 G street Suite 102
Marysville, CA 95901
Hours: 7am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

Rideout Health has its patients and its community at the center of all services. To that end, our professional laboratories maintain the highest quality standards as recognized by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The RH Laboratory Services team works directly with registered medical professionals to assure complete and accurate results.

Decisive Medical Information - Fast
Because RH Lab Services are hospital-based, healthcare providers have access to pathologists and specialists when the need for decisive medical information is immediate.

24-Hour Access
RH Lab Services can provide physicians access to medical records and test results.

Results are available in most cases the same day, and all critical results are called immediately to the physician. Rest assured that in an emergency, physicians will have the most recent health information at a moment's notice, day
or night.

Trained, Caring Professionals
Advanced technology, caring professionals and access to hospital resources all play a vital role in the continuum of patient care. The RH Lab Services staff works with physicians for accurate and fast diagnosis and treatment.

Low Cost Quality Lab Services
RH Lab Services takes pride in offering quality lab test services at low costs. They sincerely care about each patient, and their business practices reflect this concern.

  • Hospital-based
  • Full service Lab services at all locations
  • Experienced staff
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation
  • 24-Hour access to patient records
  • Same-day results with most testing
  • Critical results immediate
  • CAP Accredited Laboratory
  • Most testing locally provided

Convenient Locations
No appointments are needed at our drawing stations in the Yuba-Sutter area. The labs are open 5 days a week. Credit cards, checks, cash, and insurance are all accepted. To learn more call 751-4023.

Specimen Collection Manual

Transfusion Services Specimen Labeling Requirements
Timed Urine Collection Specimen
Specimen Requirements Chart for Transfusion Services
Specimen Collection and Transportation of Microbiology Specimens
Special Requirements for Coagulation Specimen Collection by on Laboratory Personnel
Semen Collection Form - English
Pathology Sample Submissions
Outpatient Instructions for the Collection of Sputum for Cytology
Outpatient Instructions for the Collection of Urine for Cytology
Instructions for Collection and Submission of Cytology Samples
General Sample and Requisition Requirements, Anatomic Pathology
Rideout Health Laboratories' Test Catalog: Introduction
Drug Dosing and Optimal Draw Times
Collection of Specimens for Conventional & ThinPrep Pap Tests,HPV Tests & GC/CT Tests
Collection of Seminal Fluid for Clinical Analysis
Collection of Clean Catch Random Urine Samples
Blood Collection Rounds
Blood Collection and Transportation by non-Laboratory Medical Staff
Blood Collection Placement of Supplies, Adverse Reactions and Patient Blood Volumes
Anatomic Pathology Specimen Processing
Acceptance or Rejection of Samples and Requisitions
Anatomic Pathology Specimen Processing
Laboratory Locations, Numbers, and Hours of Operations
STAT List of Tests and Result Reporting Turnaround Time
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests: A to C
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests D-F
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests G-K
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests L-N
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests O-P
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests Q-S
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests T
FRHG Laboratories' Catalog of Tests U-Z

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