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About Wireless EKG Monitors:

Needs Assessment

The citizens of Sutter and Yuba counties do not currently have access to the latest cardiac technology, Wireless EKG Machines, that would allow diagnosis of a heart attack prior to being transported to Rideout Emergency Department.

Wireless EKG Machines installed in area ambulances can transmit critical heart data to the hospital en route immediately when every second counts. With this amazing technology generated wirelessly, physicians can diagnose the condition of the patients heart, identify the best treatment and be ready to treat as soon as a patient arrives at the ER.

Every minute saved in getting treatment started is actual heart muscle saved.

Currently the local pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) does not have a means to communicate and transmit EKG's from the field to Rideout Emergency, so that they can be interpreted by our physicians. This delay in early diagnosis adds additional time to life saving treatments that could possibly stop a heart attack and save a life.


1. FRHG and our local EMS are partnering to develop a designated STEMI (Heart Attack) Receiving Program.

2.  FRHG will assist the local EMS provider with the purchase of new equipment  & defibrillators that have the ability to transmit EKG's to the Rideout Emergency Department for early diagnosis of heart attack. There are 18 local ambulances needing remote EKG Devices. The cost for each device is $25,000.

3. A collaborative between EMS and FRHG will be developed, that will facilitate identification, notification and rapid therapies to increase blood flow to the heart, such as opening the coronary artery with a balloon or stent and blood clot dissolving drugs, to decrease and/or stop the damage to the patient's heart.


Mortality is decreased and patient lives are saved.

State of the art cardiac care remains in our community, close to home.

Here's how you can help make the cures of tomorrow happen today:

Your Gift will help us purchase this state-of-the-art, life saving technology. By working together we will transform the future of health care for the 21st century. Please call the Rideout Foundation at 530 751-4070 to learn more.

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