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What Happened, When?

In 1907, Phebe Rideout donated her home - the elegant Rideout Mansion, as a memorial to her deceased husband, Norman Dunning Rideout and son, Norman Abbott Rideout, to be used as a public hospital.

In 1918 Phebe Rideout provided funds to build a new hospital for Marysville at 4th and H Street. She also set up a trust to assure that the hospital would always serve the citizens of the community. From the period of 1919, when the hospital was built on its present location, very little was done to increase the services or the capacity.

In 1948, an addition to the hospital was constructed and named and dedicated as the "Southern Wing," in honor of Miss Southern, first proprietary-lessee. She retired in 1936. The Southern Wing provided an additional 5,500 square feet and was in use until the building was remodeled in 1961.

From 1919 to 1955 the hospital operated successfully under a proprietary -lessee program. The last proprietary-lessee was Mr. Fred Moore. In 1955 the Board of Trustees of the Phebe Rideout Trust formed a non-profit corporation known as Rideout Hospital Foundation, leasing the realty from the Phebe Rideout Trust and employing Mr. Fred W. Moore as Superintendent and General Manager.

Subsequently on May 1, 1957, the corporation purchased the hospital from Mr. Fred W. Moore. Since May 1, 1957, the hospital has been operated as a non-profit community hospital. In 1959, the "Southern Wing" was literally moved from its position on H Street to Maple Street. New maternity procedural rooms, a pediatrics unit, a new kitchen and dining area and doctor's lounge were completed.

1962 saw the completion of a new two-story 50-bed nursing wing. And necessary renovation of the original 1918 building took place. A new surgical suite and laboratory were constructed. In 1966 Rideout hospital expanded with a two-story west wing containing a 6-bed acute care unit.

For many years Rideout Memorial hospital had an O.B. department for the delivery of babies. At 6:04 a.m. Sept. 1, 1967 the last baby to be born at Rideout's delivery room was delivered. In 1970 Rideout Hospital's Emergency Center opened with personnel and physician staffing 24-hours per day. Delivery facilities were relocated to Fremont Hospital.

In 1976 Rideout undertook a construction and renovation program that provided 40,000 square feet of new space and modernized 6,000 square feet of existing space: an addition of 38 acute medical-surgical beds and a 12-bed intensive care/cardiac care unit, increasing the total beds to 128.

In 1977, the Emergency Center Annex was connected to the main hospital building by a bridge over 4th Street.

The Fannie Southern wing was raised in 1978 to make way for the new 3 story wing at Rideout.

In December 1979, the first patients were admitted.

In 1983 Rideout Hospital and Fremont Medical Center were formally and legally joined to form United Communities Medical Services.

In 1986 construction started on Fremont's south tower, complete remodeling of the OB department and nurseries, Radiology Department and Day surgery.

In 1990, The Fountains, Rideout Health skilled nursing facility located in Yuba City opened.

Plans for a New Rideout Tower Announced in 1992.

1992 United Communities Medical Services is now Rideout Health.

Feather River Surgery Center Opens at 370 Del Norte Avenue in 1994.

In 1996 The New Rideout Tower Opens! A new four-story tower of houses a new emergency room, admitting department, central supply area, four large operating rooms, to accommodate open heart surgery, 12 additional critical care beds and 24 additional medical-surgical beds.

Rideout Cancer Center Opens in summer 2000.

The Rideout Cancer Center, which is an affiliation between FRHG and the University of California, Davis Health System, provides cancer patients and their families with the most-up-to-date and effective cancer care in the Yuba-Sutter community.

In Spring 2001 an Alzheimer's Unit and Courtyard Expansion was approved. The $2.3 million freestanding Alzheimer's facility will be located near the Courtyard Assisted Living Facility.

February 2002 The Heart Center at Rideout Opens and Offers State-of-the-art Cardiac Services Locally.

January 2006 Women's Imaging Services Opens: Specially suited to the unique needs of women.

March 15, 2007 Longtime Rideout Health CEO Thomas Hayes retires.

In February 2007 Rideout Health Appointed new CEO, Theresa Hamilton. She is the first woman CEO in the organization's 100 -year history. Phebe would have approved!

In 2009 The Neurosurgery Center at Rideout opens. The Rideout Urgent Care Center opens on Plumas Ct. in Yuba City

In 2010 Plans were announced to expand the Rideout Memorial Hospital Emergency Department (to learn more please visit our "Capital Campaign" announcement here.)

In January 2013, construction was completed on the Rideout Cancer Center. The expansion added 16,461 square feet of new construction and enabled Rideout to add: 12 additional Transfusion Bays for a total of 26; 6 additional Exam Rooms for a total of 14; 1 additional Linear Accelerator for a total of 2; 1 new PET CT Scanner; 1 new Ultrasound; New Reception & Waiting and office space; A remodel of the existing pharmacy.

In May 2013, Phase I of the Emergency Department expansion added 5,000 square feet to the existing 12,000 square feet, creating 13 multi-use ED/Observation beds, two Rapid Care exam rooms and additional triage room in the facility. The ED expansion is currently awaiting State approval.

Coming In 2015/2016, the new six story Rideout Regional Medical Center will provide a modern, state of the art healthcare facility to serve the populations of Sutter and yuba Counties and the outlying region. For more information, please visit http://www.frhg.org/History-Company-Information/Expansion-Project.aspx

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