Fremont Medical Center: 530.751.4000
Rideout Memorial Hospital: 530.749.4300

Patient Care Services


If you are planning your delivery at the Women and Infants Center at Fremont, you can complete your hospital registration well in advance of your due date.

Please bring your identification and your insurance card when you pre-register.
If there are questions concerning the admitting process to Labor & Delivery at the Women and Infants Center at Fremont, 751-4188.


When you arrive in labor, please go directly to the Labor and Delivery Unit.

If you are scheduled for a cesarean delivery, check in at the admitting office first and then proceed to Labor and Delivery.

Parking When in Labor or for Scheduled Cesarean Section

When you are in labor, please have your driver park in the parking spots in front of FMC, 970 Plumas Street or in the parking lot across the street at 989 Plumas Street. Parking at the hospital side of the street is two hour only. Parking at the opposite side or in the parking lot across the street is unlimited time.

What You Should Bring

You will need some personal items during your hospital stay.
We recommend that you pack:

  • nightgowns, robe and slippers
  • toothbrush and cosmetics; shampoo and hairdryer
  • supportive nursing bras
  • writing and reading material
  • camera (Still cameras can be used in the Delivery Suite)
  • video camera is allowed (no tripods) and prior approval must be garnered

The clothes you wore to the hospital may not be the ones you would choose to wear home. Before discharge, make sure you have a clean change of clothes for your departure. Ask your family to bring you any items you might need, such as undergarments, proper foot covering, and a jacket or sweater if necessary. Please do not bring valuables, medications or tampons. pads.

The choice of your baby’s “going home” outfit is an important one. Keep in mind the weather conditions on the day of discharge. If you need a sweater or jacket, your baby will, too. Bring along a heavyweight blanket for extra warmth. Remember, your baby’s outfit should accommodate the seatbelt strap that fastens snugly between the legs.