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Community Benefit

Caring for Everyone Regardless of their Ability to Pay

Rideout Health leads the community in unreimbursed medial care services. In fiscal year 2011/12, Rideout Health provided unreimbursed community benefits programs and services, including unreimbursed medical care services; benefits for vulnerable populations and the broader community, and health education classes and programs.

Rideout Health addressed the following community needs: access to care for individuals without a medical provider; education and screening programs for special populations and health conditions; community flu vaccination clinics; special support services for hospice patients, families and the community; support of community nonprofit organizations; education and training of health care professionals; and collaboration with local schools through our Teen Leadership Council program to promote interest in health care careers.

In FY 2012/13, our network of healthcare services, hospitals and other health care providers invested:

Charity Care and Unreimbursed Care

Rideout Health provided $28,101,622 in charity care and unreimbursed hospital care to patients at Fremont Medical Center and Rideout Memorial Hospital

Medicare Payment Shortfalls

The total of government program costs provided was $12,127,460

Community Benefits

Rideout Health provided $245,124 in community benefits and services

On Call Physician Program

Rideout Health provided $7,082,764 for the On-Call Physician Program, the Intensivist/Hospitalist Program, and the Surgicalist Program. These programs provide physicians (inpatient) care for Emergency Room patients who have no physician and are indigent or on Medi-Cal

Community Benefits provided to the community by Rideout Health include:

  • Charity care and un-reimbursed medical care
  • Financial and human resource assistance to a variety of local community organizations
  • Donations of equipment and supplies
  • Membership and volunteer involvement in local chamber of commerce, civic and service organizations
  • Cancer awareness programs and support groups
  • Heart Health Awareness programs, Red Hot Gala, and a free Bless Your Heart Fair and heart health screenings
  • Diabetes education through free Community Health Education Classes
  • Maternity education through free Community Health Education Classes
  • Tobacco education through free Community Health Education Classes
  • Maternity care for non-insured or Medi-Cal patients
  • Hospice
  • Hospice Volunteer Training program
  • Community Health Education program free classes for nutritional and other health issues
  • Support group facilitation
  • Physician recruitment to meet community needs
  • Community event participation
  • Nursing and clinical education program
  • Health Fair participation
  • Chico State University Nursing Program

Download our Community Benefits Report

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