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The Changing Face of Healthcare

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old." - Peter Drucker

The business of healthcare is changing. New legislation, the pace of medical innovation and a more educated and demanding population all mean the way we do things must change - and we have a responsibility to our staff, our patients and our community to embrace it. Our industry is changing. Rideout is changing.

Over the last few months, we have assembled a new leadership team, and we are working hard to do things differently - changing our commitment and culture for the better. We're collaborating with our team of caring and dedicated physicians, nurses and staff to achieve new goals with renewed energy and focus. Our commitment to high-quality patient care, trust and transparency is a core focus as we move forward together. And, while change isn't always easy, it can be very rewarding - and we have some exciting new initiatives underway.

Part of our new beginning is the anticipated opening of a new Rideout medical center that will serve the needs of our community for generations to come. We're proud to launch our new Emergency Department, a $6 million, 5,000 square foot expansion designed to elevate the patient experience. Our new facility will serve 55,000+ patients annually, making it among the busiest in the nation - with a spotlight on our outstanding physicians and nurses, who have an unwavering commitment to save lives everyday.

But, building a physical structure isn't the only thing improving; we are equally committed to creating an environment that facilitates two-way communication and transparency at the highest levels. New programs like the Rideout Rising Star, will highlight success stories from our incredible staff and monthly newsletters will keep you informed in new and unique ways.

Moving forward, I'll be sharing monthly updates with all staff, keeping you up-to-date on key issues. But real communication means boldly sharing concerns and ideas as well as having spirited debates about our future, which we'll do in monthly CEO/employee round table sessions and quarterly open forums, designed to engage the entire hospital.

Like many of you, I sincerely believe in the mission and vision of Rideout. Yes, we have certainly faced our challenges recently - but we are deliberately meeting them head-on and with the strength and resolve of an institution that has served this region proudly for more than 100 years.

This is our hospital. We're committed to making the right changes. Please stay involved and build the new Rideout with us - your voice and opinions are valuable.

Together we can restore the Rideout name and regain the trust of our neighbors and community members.

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